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Activate Your “Youth Gene” with Yellow and Black Turmeric

Time is the apex predator of every living thing, big or small.

Regardless of what you feel right now, slowly but surely, as the years go by, age will find a way to make you feel it. However, you don’t have to age the same way as everybody else. Yes, while time is fixed, aging is different for everyone. Therefore some people appear younger or older or why some feel tired all the time in their 30s and invigorated in their 50s.

That is all due to what science calls the SIRT1 gene. To put it simply, when active, the SIRT1 gene declines the aging process, and this allows people to stay youthful despite time passing by as always. Yes, an actual gene inside your body determines how fast you age.

The Sirtfood Diet and Why It’s Not for Everyone

Because of the health implications of activating the SIRT1 gene, it wasn’t long before people made entire diets around what is proposed to be the answer to longevity. The most popular one is the Sirtfood diet, a diet that focuses on eating more dark chocolate, red wine, kale, berries, turmeric, and even coffee.

While the Sirtfood diet sounds appealing (because everyone likes coffee, chocolate, and wine), not everyone has access to these foods. More importantly, some people have conditions that prevent them from properly eating foods found in the Sirtfood diet. Worse, building your life around an unconventional menu just doesn’t look too good for long term results.

Since trying to make a diet fit you is out of the question, does that mean your quest for longevity has gone out the window? No! In fact, we’re here to let you in on a secret new product that we formulated specifically to activate your SIRT1 genes. It’s called Yellow and Black Turmeric.

Supplementing with Yellow and Black Turmeric for the SIRT1 gene

Yellow and Black Turmeric is formulated with ingredients that can activate the SIRT1 gene and slow the aging process. Its secret lies in the ingredient SIRTMAX.

SIRTMAX is a concentrated form of black turmeric which is standardized for its polymethoxyflavonoids content. Polymethoxyflavonoids are natural compounds mainly found in citrus fruits as well as Black Turmeric.

These polymethoxyflavonoids have also been shown to improve SIRT1 activity by up to 17 times. Because of this, the compound has been involved in many studies concerning longevity as well as the other benefits associated with black turmeric and how it can positively affect:

  • Blood sugar management*
  • Antioxidant capacity*
  • Inflammatory response*
  • Weight control*
  • Cholesterol and Triglycerides*

Not just SIRTMAX, our product also contains MicroActive Curcumin, a concentrated form of turmeric. Curcumin is thought to be behind the reasons why turmeric has so many benefits to the human body. Naturally, eating foods with curcumin can help give your body a health boost, but the problem is curcumin on its own has really poor bioavailability.

MicroActive Curcumin is a patented extract of curcumin and is actually ten times more bioavailable than regular curcumin. Better bioavailability leads to better absorption, and better absorption means better ingredient efficacy.

What You Can Expect From Black and Yellow Turmeric

Not just for SIRT1 gene activation, when you buy a bottle of Yellow and Black Turmeric, you’re making a good investment on your health as the ingredients in the formula have also been found to be beneficial for:

Inflammatory response. Poor inflammatory response is considered to be the root cause of many human health problems. The active compounds found in our product’s key ingredients have been shown to help your body mount a healthy inflammatory response, which could lead to a lower risk for specific ailments.*

Antioxidant activity. The human body is bombarded by oxidative damage 24/7, whether from environmental pollutants or from simply being stressed. The ingredients in our formula have been cited for their antioxidative properties, which can help fight free radical damage - another factor in accelerated human aging.*

Joint pain relief. As we age, the more our joints hurt. This happens for various reasons, but the underlying cause is thought to be inflammation. By taking Yellow and Black Curcumin, you help your body mount a healthy inflammatory response, which can lead to improved joint pain symptoms.*

Aging doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. Growing old doesn’t have to mean losing the ability to do what you enjoy doing. If you have the option to slow the progress of time, it’s only natural that you pick that option, and our product can help you do just that.

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