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Adopting a Pro-Aging Mindset

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Pro-aging is a watershed movement that is redefining aging in midlife and beyond. Scientific evidence is proving how we adapt to changes and take control of our health can reverse age-related declines and effect transformation.

Two years ago, Allure magazine announced they would ban the phrase “anti-aging” in their editorial and recognize beauty without the burden of age and sexism. Similarly, global cosmetic and beauty brands are rethinking and transitioning their messages.

The pro-aging movement began in the early 2000s. Dan Buettner, an explorer, and writer began investigating longevity hotspots around the world. His subsequent article for National Geographic followed by the book, Blue Zones in 2008 sparked a global conversation about living longer, healthier, and happier.

Singapore-based Isaiah Chng created ProAge, a social enterprise devoted to helping seniors age well and elevate their wellbeing in 2008. In the years since, this clinical exercise physiologist and thought leader have impacted the lives of 100,000 people through wellness programs, coaching, and workshops.

At age 49, American makeup artist Cindy Joseph started a pro modeling career. A decade later, in 2009, she launched Boom by Cindy Joseph to market innovative cosmetics designed to enhance rather than conceal women’s skin. This self-proclaimed pro-age revolutionary championed that aging was just another word for living.  

NYC-based social influencer, Meri Frischman, considers pro-aging as a means “to express who we are, to be who we are, and to lead our lives toward fulfillment.”

Coincidentally, the year 2030 marks a demographic turning point when one in every five people will be over age 65. Thus, older people will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history.

To fully embrace healthy aging, it is vital to transform our thoughts and lifestyle. Here are some habits to adopt:

  • Keep moving. Exercise those muscles. Walk, lift weights, bike, swim, practice yoga, and Pilates. Activities like gardening and regularly strolling outdoors enhance flexibility, support mental health, and strengthen immunity.
  • Never stop dreaming. Visualizing small steps to bigger dreams give life purpose and a reason to get up each day.
  • Optimize nutrition. Hydrate constantly with water. Control weight by watching caloric intake and eating less meat with healthier whole foods. Stop eating when you feel 80 percent full. If you drink alcohol, consume in moderation.
  • Coach your brain. Learn to manage stress. Engage in meditation to invest in inner well being. Be conscious of self-defeating thoughts. Take naps.
  • Create your tribe. Community is essential for adding vitality to living. Encourage extended family and partners to follow healthy behaviors. Regularly participating in faith-based communities can also help extend life.
  • Dispel the myths of aging. We do not have to be weak and immobile as we grow older. Increase muscle mass and improve strength at any age with the proper exercise. Our elastic brain can learn new skills at all ages. Cognitive brain speed may slow, but the brain uses experience and mental shortcuts to excel at problem-solving, writing, and relationship building.
  • Take care of YOU. Stay updated with technology and innovation. Rest and play, travel, and experience new environments and activities. Adopt skincare routines to slow and protect skin aging; get the glow on with simplified nourishing products. Take supplements like QOL Oligonol® and Enhanced VitaPQQ® to support healthy aging, circulation, and boost energy.
You are in the driver’s seat. Start each day with a grateful heart. It’s your life to live boldly and productively!

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