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AHCC®: Immunity Starts in The Gut


The gut is one of the most critical body systems when it comes to supporting your immune system. We have a large amount of “friendly” bacteria living in our guts that help us digest our functional food and maintain a delicate balance in the immune system. Microbiota in our gut is one such class of critical organisms that provides the multiple benefits that positive bacteria in our systems do, such as digestion, production of nutrients, detoxification, and protection against viruses and bacteria. Maintaining the delicate homeostasis that the immune system depends on is also a critical function. It’s even now a pretty well-known fact that humans have even more bacterial cells than human cells! This fact, disconcerting as it may be, is reality. Thus, maintaining the right balance within your gut is critical to other immune system functions. 

All sorts of research now find different interactions between the immune system and the gut, and the verdict is that the two systems are much more connected than previously thought. In a recent study, scientists found that when mice experienced inflammation in their guts, they saw corresponding responses in which bacteria are allowed to survive or not. These findings suggest that the digestive system is essential to immune health. 

The most heavily researched immune supplement in the world is AHCC®. A Japanese pharmaceutical company developed this to extract a particular type of polysaccharide called alpha-glucans. It is theorized that these alpha-glucans can help with all sorts of issues, especially within immune function.* The extract comes from the mycelia of the mushrooms, not the cap. AHCC® is the number one selling immune supplement in Japan and has been generally safely used for over 20 years. 

“AHCC® is one of the most researched natural compounds that I have ever come across. It is a mushroom extract and mushroom product from the family of basidiomycetes that is most well known for being in the shiitake mushroom. Human clinical studies and placebo-controlled trials completed on healthy volunteers published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals lead to the unequivocal conclusion that AHCC® is highly efficacious.”

  • Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD, Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine

AHCC®: What Is It and How Does It Work?

AHCC® is extracted from mushrooms. It is a patented extract of hybridized medicinal mushrooms and is more researched than any other immunity nutritional supplement. Its use has been supported by 20 human clinical trials, making it one of the most heavily researched supplements available on the market. AHCC® is used in over 1,000 medical clinics across the globe. It’s a biological response modifier, meaning it works directly to affect your immune system's functions, both in trying to help prevent and shorten illnesses.  

Scientists have known for many years that some mushrooms contain what are called polysaccharides. These mushroom compounds showed promise for positive effects on immune cells during test-tube experiments, however, they generally had too high of a molecular weight to be absorbed efficiently by the human body. This is where AHCC® came in; it was explicitly created through a patented process that reduced the molecular weight by over 97%! This significantly increases the absorption and efficacy and is why AHCC® is the number-one selling immunomodulatory supplement in  Japan. The substance also has an excellent safety profile and has been used for over 20 years in integrative medicine. Consult your physician today to check that it’s safe to add this immune helper to your daily routine!

  • AHCC® raises levels of T cells.* These cells are also essential in the immune function. They are considered the second line of defense in the body’s immune response against foreign pathogens. 

  • AHCC® raises the level of macrophages.* These are one of the critical touchpoints the immune system has with pathogens, and it is the cell that absorbs, engulfs, and destroys foreign invaders.

  • AHCC® increases cytokine production.* Cytokines are critical messenger cells. Without them, the immune system would not know where to send its essential soldiers to combat the foreign invaders into the system.

  • AHCC® increases the number of dendritic cells.* Dendritic cells are a crucial part of the immune system, and they are the vital “wall” between you and the outside environment that contains so many harmful pathogens and contaminants. 

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The world of supplements can unfortunately be daunting for consumers. Unlike prescription medications, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not verify the integrity of vendor claims. This means that vendors and manufacturers of supplements can make false claims about what a product does, and even what is in it, without necessarily being held accountable by the United States government. This means that consumers of this industry have a heightened level of responsibility to interact with only the highest quality firms in the space. 

You should always consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement, even one as highly researched as AHCC®. It is incredibly important to know all side effects and adverse effects of AHCC®. Luckily, if you are using our formula, you can be very sure that all recommended dosages have been derived from research using human subjects and not just animals. 

At Quality of Life, our products are actually backed by human studies, not just animal models or mouse models. Every dosage we provide is supported by clinical research, and we’ve taken the time to ensure an acceptable safety profile. Some of the scientists that have worked hard to provide great evidence are Nogusa, Matsui Y, Satoi, Gerbino, Wakame K, Walshe, Nishioka, Wang, Fujii H, J Nutr, Terakawa N, Yanagimoto, Sonnenfeld, and Kawaguchi.

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Medically reviewed by Jimmy Salas Rushford

Written by Quality of Life – Updated on March 3, 2021

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