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AHCC® Is Not Just Another Mushroom Supplement, Here’s Why

Mushrooms have a long and glamorous background. From Egypt to Greece, Italy, and China, civilizations—both ancient and modern—have lauded the healing powers of mushrooms. In fact, history tells us that humans have used mushrooms medicinally for thousands of years. 

A Brief History of Medicinal Mushrooms

No matter where or when you look, you’ll find mushrooms in nearly every culture. Vikings drank hallucinogenic mushrooms before going into battle. Greek physicians and philosophers wrote about mushrooms in their texts. And Buddhist monks used mushrooms to enhance focus during meditation. 

Today, mushrooms continue to make an impact on the world of health and wellness. Our knowledge of fungi continues to expand with every passing year. Now we know that mushrooms provide as many as 100 medicinal functions.

A Look at the Mushroom-Dense Market

Their many health benefits are likely a big reason why mushrooms are all the rage right now. In 2020, the global market for mushrooms reached USD 54 billion. By 2026, experts predict that the market will reach USD 86 billion. Unsurprisingly, a significant portion of these sales goes to button mushrooms alone. However, shiitake mushrooms take up their fair share.

Many labs remain unsurprised by the fungi’s growing popularity. Mushrooms are versatile and offer many health benefits, so it is no wonder that the market is booming. And that’s not to mention the fact that mushrooms are delicious. Everywhere you look, mushroom-dense protein powders, supplements, and extracts abound. In some places, you can even find mushroom coffee!

With this kind of market density, it can be difficult to sift out the good products from the bad. Fortunately, scientists have already researched for you, and they have backed AHCC®, meaning it’s not just another mushroom supplement. 

What Sets AHCC® Apart

AHCC® is a medicinal substance that is derived from the mycelia (thread-like roots) of shiitake mushrooms. Throughout the years, AHCC® has proven to boost immune responses, improve liver function, and offer several other health benefits.*

At Quality of Life Labs, we offer a superior AHCC® product. Below, we have provided information about what sets our AHCC® Kinoko Platinum and AHCC® Kinoko Gold supplements apart.

Supported By Studies

Not every supplement is supported by independent testing and research. That is not the case for the products sold by Quality of Life Labs.

Thirty human clinical studies back AHCC®. These reviews come from some of the world’s best research institutions. Among them are several significant health centers and Ivy League schools. 

These clinical studies found that AHCC® is safe and composed of natural ingredients. Together, these ingredients work to ensure that a person’s immune system is neither under-reactive nor overreactive. Because your immune system is sensitive, finding the right balance between the two ends of the spectrum can be challenging. 

Specifically, AHCC® is proven to:

  • Boost the number and activity of dendritic cells⁎
  • Improve macrophage activity⁎
  • Improve T-cell activity⁎
  • Increase cytokine⁎
  • Establish good NK cell activity⁎

With these benefits and more, AHCC® is an excellent supplement for health-conscious people. That’s why 1,000 health clinics and counting currently use it.


In 2002, Quality of Life Labs was proud to receive the Nutracon Best New Product award. That new product? AHCC®! 

Because Nutracon is one of the industry’s most prestigious networking events, we are particularly proud of this award. Nutracon chose AHCC® for its innovation, safety, efficacy, and scientific merit. 

Used By Many

As we mentioned, AHCC® is currently in use at more than 1,000 health clinics worldwide. These clinics find satisfaction in the supplement’s low molecular weight and quality ingredients. Those ingredients include the following materials:

  • Extract from the mycelia of Lentinula edodes
  • Carnauba plant wax
  • Cellulose
  • Alpha-cyclodextrin

At its base, each capsule contains 750 mg of mushroom extract. To meet the daily dosage recommendations, we recommend that clients take 2-4  capsules a day before eating a meal. 

As a final note on the popularity of our AHCC®, we recommend you take a look at the customer reviews for both AHCC®-Kinoko Gold and AHCC®-Kinoko Platinum. Each product has more than 600 five-star reviews.

How the Supplement Works

Because each capsule has a low molecular weight (just 5,000 daltons,) it is more efficient and easier to absorb than other similar products. 

Additionally, a scientific trial has proven that AHCC® does not become less effective over time. You could take the supplement every day for the next ten years and continue to see consistent and effective results. 

Visit Quality of Life to Buy AHCC® Today

Have you been on the fence about which mushroom supplement to implement in your routine? We hope this blog post has provided some direction. 

There is no other product on the market that is equal to AHCC®—for several reasons. Namely, it is supported (and proven effective) by scientific studies. It is also award-winning and used by many medical professionals. 

If you would like to purchase our AHCC® supplements, make a visit to our product pages. We offer both AHCC®-Kinoko Gold and AHCC®-Kinoko Platinum. These supplements are made of the same natural materials. The only difference is that Kinoko Platinum contains a higher dosage (750 mg) per capsule than Kinoko Gold (500mg.)

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