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April Showers May Bring Flowers… and Seasonal Discomfort!


Spring is a beautiful time of year – the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and flowers start to bloom! Unfortunately this time of year can also be miserable if you suffer from seasonal discomfort. The biggest triggers this season are pollen, trees, grasses, and weeds – they release tiny grains into the air to fertilize other plants. When these tiny grains enter the nose of someone who is sensitive to seasonal changes their body’s defenses go haywire. At QOL we want you to enjoy your spring to the fullest, so we would like to share with you our spring survival guide!

  • Don’t stop to smell the flowers! Although it may be tempting to give that tulip or daffodil a sniff – it could aggravate your symptoms.
  • Wash your hands and take off your jacket when you come home to help get rid of residual pollen.
  • Clean vents and any places where pollen or dust might accumulate.
  • Wash your hair frequently – you may not know but your hair is a pollen magnet!
  • Don’t line dry your laundry - hanging laundry outside is a sure way to capture irritants.
  • Wear sunglasses – this will block pollen from getting into your eyes and eyelids.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible – plants typically pollinate in the early-morning hours and the highest pollen levels are typically recorded on warm, dry, and windy days. Keep this in mind when making plans that involve spending time outside.
  • Eat right – making an effort to eat a healthy diet affects your body’s wellness!

Taking these precautions could help to reduce the severity of your seasonal discomfort – but since there is no way to completely avoid these triggers we would like to recommend our seasonal support supplement – Allerfin®!

Allerfin® is a unique blend of natural ingredients that is formulated by doctors. Unlike other seasonal remedies, Allerfin® does not contain harmful ingredients or cause unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness. Allerfin® provides relief for the three areas of the body that are affected by seasonal changes: the sinuses, lungs and eyes.*

  • Sinus support – This unique formula contains three natural ingredients that have shown in human clinical research to support the health of the nasal passaheways.*
  • Lung Support – bromelain is used in Allerfin® to support the health of the bronchial passageways.*
  • Eye support – Allernol and quercetin have to support the health and comfort of the eyes in human clinical studies.*

We hope this will help you manage your seasonal discomfort – don’t forget that with these unfortunate seasonal symptoms it is important to start taking precautions before you feel them start. And most importantly this spring – don’t be tempted to stop and smell the flowers, instead enjoy them from afar!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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