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Be a Hero this Red Cross Month

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The Red Cross is perhaps the most recognizable name when it comes to volunteered work during various crises and public emergencies. And of course, they’re also the most notable organization when it comes to blood donation drives. In many ways, the volunteers at Red Cross are truly unsung heroes, and each of them deserve the recognition and praise they will get this Red Cross Month.

Red Cross Month is a tradition started by former president Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, to show appreciation and support to its tireless volunteers. During this month, the Red Cross asks everyone to be their community’s hero. How do you become your community’s hero? Here are some good examples:

1. Donating blood

Perhaps the most popular way to show support, blood donation is something you can do whenever you can, provided you pass the basic health requirements. It may not seem much, but your blood could be used to save one person’s life. Who knows? It may even save the lives of your loved ones or friends.

There are different ways to donate blood, so be sure to consult with the Red Cross to know your options.

2. Volunteering

The Red Cross is built on the perseverance of its volunteers. If you can spare the time, or if you’re looking to do something profound in your life, simply drop by the nearest Red Cross office and list yourself. They always need people like you and you might just be someone’s ray of hope.

The volunteers can range from just helping someone get back on their feet after a disaster or accident all the way to being medical assistants. Some even volunteer to help in soup kitchens or donation drives.

Volunteering doesn’t even have to be physical. Just by spreading the message on social media might attract the right people, and you would have helped just by sharing a post or video.

3. Learning lifesaving skills

In times of disaster, the heroes are those who go to where the danger is to save lives. The Red Cross is at the forefront of disaster aides and response, and their volunteers are all trained to provide relief and even conduct lifesaving skills.

If you want to help this Red Cross Month and learn something that you can use to help others someday, sign up for a first aid seminar. You’d be surprised at the simple things you can do that can end up saving a life.

4. Teach others first aid skills

If you already know the basic first aid skills, or if you know some really advanced techniques and principles already, then maybe teaching those who have no idea about first aid is your calling.

It doesn’t have to be official; all you have to do is gather your friends or any person interested. You can even invite people virtually. If you’re licensed to actually teach these skills, you’d do well to gather as many as you can. The more people know how to do first aid, the more lives can be saved.

5. Be an international tracer

International Tracers help unite people separated either by war or disasters. It could be reuniting someone who was displaced in the US or simply helping someone in your community find a long lost loved one. You can volunteer to be boots on the ground, but if you have certifications that qualify you as an official International Tracer, by all means volunteer.


The Red Cross is the most recognizable organization when it comes to disaster relief and volunteer work. Despite the size of the organization, they always have room for more volunteers and supporters. If you’re looking to do something meaningful or if you want to pay it forward, actively participating this Red Cross Month is one of the best ways to do it.

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