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Best Home Workouts for Seasonal Discomfort


With the weather warming up, you’re probably starting to think about getting your summer body on track.

But with gyms closed throughout the nation and the sheer amounts of sneeze-inducing pollen in the air, exercising is more of a challenge than it’s ever been.

Even if you don’t have a fully equipped gym at your house, there are still plenty of indoor and at-home workouts to help you get your summer body ready!

Here are our 5 favorites. And the best part? They’re free!

  1. 90 Day Trial of the Peloton Workout App

The famous bespoke bicycle is not just about riding stationary bikes. This trial gives you three months of free fitness classes, including yoga, strength training, and stretching.

  1. 60 Days Free of Daily Burn

The Peloton app is somewhat limited, so if you want more variety, give Daily Burn a try. Their library has 2,000 workouts to choose from. Our favorites include beginner Pilates, dance, kickboxing, and barre classes.

If you choose to continue after the free trial, it’s $19.95 a month after that.

  1. Free Yoga from Core Power Yoga

Whether you’re a yoga veteran or new to the sport, you’ll love the current offering of free classes from Core Power Yoga. Choose from a range of classes from Yoga Sculpt to beginner flow classes.

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but were intimidated, Core Power is one of the best programs around. Their teaching style is accessible, and these classes feature other students of all levels to keep you company.

  1. Free Yoga for Beginners

This free app is only available for iOS devices, so if you’ve got an iPhone, you’re all set. Choose from different yoga routines for morning, afternoon, and evening. Each session is accompanied by live video, allowing you to see how to do each movement. 

The classes are short (under 15 minutes), which is perfect for beginners. If you’ve been curious about yoga but feeling intimidated, this app is the perfect place to start.

  1. Nike Training Club

We saved the best for last.

Nike Training Club (NTC) premium membership is “free until further notice,” according to Nike, and we are incredibly grateful. The app features world-class trainers, and the selection of on-demand classes is unparalleled.

Workouts range from 15 to 45 minutes. There are equipment-based workouts available, and there are also classes that are bodyweight only and can be done in small spaces. Most of the workouts can be done in an area the size of a yoga mat, so if you’re in cramped quarters, you can still get your sweat on!

Tips for Exercising Outdoors

If you feel trapped indoors due to seasonal discomfort, and you want to exercise outside, here are some tips:

  • The best time to exercise outdoors during this season is during a rain or directly after.
  • Plan morning workouts when dew is at a peak and pollen is at a low.
  • Shower immediately after your outdoor exercise to get pollen off of your hair and skin.
What have you been doing to get summer body ready? Let us know in the comments!

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