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Best Supplements to Pair with AHCC®

AHCC® supplements come with a host of immune-boosting health benefits.* 

And when paired with the right Quality of Life supplements, AHCC® can defend and improve your overall well-being.* 

Key Takeaways:

  • AHCC® is a premium immune support supplement you should add to your routine
  • Our Curcumin-SR™ supplement along with AHCC® reduces the impact of aging on your body* 
  • Advasorb® Vitamin C paired with AHCC® harnesses the power of superior vitamin C to boost immunity and detoxification*  

Pick up AHCC®, Curcumin-SR™, and Advasorb® Vitamin C supplements today for optimal health this year!*

Table of Contents:

  • How AHCC® Boosts Your Immune System*
  • Curcumin-SR™: Manage Inflammatory Responses*
  • Advasorb® Vitamin C: Antioxidants and Immune Support*
  • Support Your Health This Year With These QOL Supplements!

How AHCC® Boosts Your Immune System*

Your immune system is responsible for defending your body against foreign particles and health threats. 

When your system is under attack, especially during seasons with lots of circulating health problems, it needs an extra boost. 

AHCC® is a patented extract that comes from the roots of medicinal mushrooms — mycelia. 

This compound has been researched extensively and shows promising results for your immune health.* 

We have three AHCC® supplements: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx.

Each contains scientifically backed doses of AHCC® to combat immune threats all year long.* 

There are a few ways that AHCC® supplements defend your overall health.*

Boosts Natural Killer Cell Activity*

Natural killer cells are responsible for eliminating health threats within your immune system. They also stop irregular cell growth to prevent serious health conditions. 

When natural killer cells are performing at optimal levels, you: 

  • Suffer less tissue damage 
  • Experience less irregular cell activity 
  • Have greater defense against infection 

Our AHCC® supplements help maintain peak natural killer cell activity to defend your healthy cells and tissues.* 

Manages T-Cell Activity*

T-cells fight against health threats that your body already recognizes. They play an important role in maintaining your immunity to specific health problems.

AHCC® manages T-cell activity to keep your system alert and ready to defend against known threats.* 

This helps to prevent recurring health problems and helps you feel your best year-round!

Strengthens Macrophage Activity*

Macrophages destroy harmful particles throughout your body. They are known as the “cleaners” of your immune system. 

AHCC® supplements promote optimal macrophage activity.* 

This means that your system will be able to break down unused materials and foreign particles easily to keep things running smoothly. 

Increases Dendritic Cell Activity*

Dendritic cells are important messengers within your immune system. They show “fighter” cells which specific threats to target at any given time. 

Without dendritic cells to communicate back and forth, your immune system would be less efficient and less effective.

AHCC® boosts the number and activity of dendritic cells in your system.* 

With more dendritic cells to work with, your body can successfully fight off uncomfortable health problems. 

Start taking AHCC® to boost your immune system and protect your overall health today!*

Curcumin-SR™: Manage Inflammatory Responses*

Inflammatory responses help your body heal damaged tissues and recover from injuries. 

However, inflammatory responses can become overactive or underactive, leading to health problems later on. 

Curcumin-SR™ is our premium anti-aging and immune support supplement.* 

This supplement harnesses the power of curcumin, a compound derived from turmeric, to reduce damage related to inflammatory responses.* 

Highly Bioavailable*

Regular curcumin is not very bioavailable. This means that when you consume turmeric in some way, it leaves your body quickly, sometimes within one hour.

Curcumin-SR™ was designed to increase your blood levels of curcumin for longer periods of time.* 

Curcumin-SR™ has ten times the bioavailability of regular curcumin found in turmeric!*

Promotes Healthy Aging*

As you get older, your body suffers from free radical damage. This is also known as oxidative stress. 

Oxidative stress is thought to be responsible for many hallmark symptoms of aging. 

Free radical molecules damage healthy tissues and cells in your body, leading to age-related health problems. 

Curcumin-SR™ decreases levels of oxidative stress in your system by neutralizing free radical molecules.* 

This supplement also controls inflammatory responses, which helps manage oxidative stress naturally.* 

Reducing oxidative stress will help make the aging process more graceful from a health standpoint. 

Improves Joint Health and Comfort*

Curcumin-SR™ helps your joints remain free of overactive inflammatory responses.* This leads to more comfortable movements and improved mobility.

Many people experience joint discomfort in older age. This may be due to oxidative stress and unbalanced inflammatory responses. 

Curcumin-SR™ will help you combat your joint pain and keep your entire body healthy and in balance.* 

Advasorb® Vitamin C: Antioxidants and Immune Support*

Advasorb® Vitamin C is our new, reformulated superior vitamin C supplement!* 

You can pair this with your other immune-boosting and anti-aging Quality of Life supplements for optimal health.* 

Highly Bioavailable and Superior Vitamin C*

Vitamin C is used by millions of people to boost their immune systems and protect against free radical damage.

The problem with mainstream vitamin C supplements is that they are not easily absorbed by your body. 

Advasorb® Vitamin C contains milk thistle and a highly bioavailable patented form of vitamin C, PureWay-C®.* 

Studies have shown that the vitamin C in this supplement was absorbed better and provided more immune benefits than traditional vitamin C.* 

Detox and Anti-Aging Benefits*

These ingredients detoxify your system while neutralizing harmful free radicals, which contribute to aging and immune damage.* 

Some studies suggest that both vitamin C and milk thistle, the main ingredients in Advasorb® Vitamin C, help your body get rid of harmful pollutants.* 

These can include heavy metals, pesticides, and secondhand tobacco smoke. 

Taking Advasorb® Vitamin C regularly may help protect your body from free radical damage and environmental toxins.* 

Support Your Health This Year with These QOL Supplements!

It is never too late to boost your immune health and promote healthy aging with Quality of Life supplements.* 

By adding these three supplements to your daily regimen, you can protect your health and reduce discomfort in your body.* 

Pick up these three effective supplements today to get your health in gear!*

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