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Best Ways to Celebrate I Am In Control Day


No one wants to have a life controlled by something or someone else. We all want to oversee what we do. We want to be the ones responsible for what happens to us whether good or bad. However, recent events make us feel like we’re not in control; that we don’t have a firm grasp of what’s going on around us.

That is why we have to learn how to be in control of our lives again, and no other day is best to do it than I Am In Control Day.

How do you celebrate I Am In Control Day? By simply being more conscious of your feelings, your emotions, and your actions. Here are some examples:

1. Control the words that come out of your mouth

Losing control of what’s happening around you creates stress, and stress can make us say things we don’t mean or only say out of frustration. Words can hurt, especially when the wrong words are heard by the people you care about. They may not be visible, but the damage a few words can do can last a lifetime.

Be in control of your words by asking yourself how they would react to what it is you’re about to say. Count a few seconds before saying something out of annoyance. If push comes to shove, just leave the room and come back once you’ve calmed down.

2. Control what you see and hear

A lot of the things we see online come out in never ending bursts. This can create a cycle of non stop app opening, stream tuning, and podcast listening, leaving little time for yourself and peace and quiet.

You’re bound to hear about all of the important news the second it’s out, so don’t spend too much time browsing, scrolling, and just trying to be the first to know. Don’t be so afraid of missing out that you’re ignoring the things that can improve yourself over content that doesn’t really do anything other than make you panic or stressed out.

3. Control what you eat and drink

The hardest thing to control is what we put inside our body. Ironically, they’re also the most important thing that we have to control, as what we eat and drink will definitely affect our health one way or another.  

Being in control of what you eat isn’t about dieting as much as it is about being in charge; of not succumbing to eating everything in front of you. It’s about telling yourself that your body deserves to be as healthy as it can get.

4. Control what you get mad about

Famous author Paulo Coelho once said “If it's not gonna matter in 5 months don't be upset for more than 5 minutes.”

It’s easy to get riled up these days, especially as people no longer follow the news; the news follows us instead through our smartphones. Before smartphones, people were able to “skip” the bad part of their day by simply not watching TV. Now? Stories that can make us angry pop out as often as we unlock our phones.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t get angry or to avoid bad news. What we want you to try is to set an “anger timer,” or a specific amount of time where you can digest the story that got you so angry. When the time’s up, move on and try to be productive.


Being in control of your life doesn’t mean you’re a control freak. It simply means you respect yourself, your body, your feelings, and your personal time. Take charge of your life and the decisions you make this I Am In Control Day, and you will be one step closer to being a better you.

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