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5 Best Ways to Celebrate National Kidney Month

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The primary function of our kidneys is to help rid our body of waste and other harmful substances, while also returning precious nutrients back into the bloodstream. It may not seem like it, but our kidneys work hard, especially when we eat or drink foods and beverages that aren’t exactly what you would describe as healthy or “clean.” And because the kidneys’ job is to filter out the bad stuff and prevent them from invading our delicate organs and tissues, it’s only natural that we should keep our kidneys in optimal shape. 

This National Kidney Month, let’s give our kidneys the appreciation they deserve by learning more about them and how best to keep them as healthy as possible.

1. Learn More About How The Kidneys Work

A lot of people know what kidneys are, but not many know how they do their job. Most just read the basic function and stop. This National Kidney Month, why not take your knowledge of kidneys a step further by getting to know what makes our kidneys function the way they do?

Try reading about the various parts, where the toxins go, how it separates the good stuff from the bad stuff, and how to take care of your kidneys. There’s no harm in trying to be an expert of your own body, so go ahead and read up on your kidneys and it might just impress a few people.

2. Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment and Some Blood Tests

There are a lot of nasty things the kidneys filter, and some of them might be damaging them little by little over time. These toxins can overwork your kidneys and make them prone to functional problems. If your kidneys start failing, you’re practically opening your body to a whole roster of unwanted contaminants that may trigger a good number of health problems.

Prevention is always better than cure, so go ahead and ask your doctor for a basic check-up, with a focus on your kidneys. The doctor will likely schedule you for some basic blood tests and work from there. If there’s nothing wrong, at least you know you’re doing a good job in keeping your kidneys healthy. If they do find something that’s off, be glad that you had yourself checked before it got worse.

3. Re-evaluate Your Diet

Just as with everything else, what we eat and drink greatly affects the overall health of our kidneys.

Are you eating kidney-friendly food? How do you know if that drink won’t make your kidneys work harder?

Do some quick online research and see if the foods and drinks inside your fridge “pro” or “anti” kidney are. If you find your list of foods to be not kidney-friendly, this National Kidney Month is the perfect time to adjust your diet. Learn more about what nutrients help our kidneys function better. At the very least, take the time to reduce consumption of foods and beverages that may harm the kidneys.

4. Drink More Water

Water is the only beverage out there with no real side effects. It’s pure, unadulterated, and is something your kidneys love. Water is known to help flush out toxins and other harmful substances through urination and waste excretion, but it also helps your kidneys work better.

Being well-hydrated means your kidneys are also hydrated. More hydration can lead to better “inner cleansing,” as the kidneys function better when there’s more water. After all, the kidneys won’t be able to flush out toxins when there’s no water to use as a flush.

5. Take Supplements for Kidney Health

Other than diet and more water intake, supplementation can also help the kidneys work better and stay healthy for long-term. There are many supplements out there, but for the kidneys specifically, we recommend the products below.

The best way to care for the kidneys is to care for the gut and digestion. You want a holistic approach to health, and the same goes to kidney function.

Digestive and Detox Supplements:


Peptisol contains ingredients that help with digestion and nutrient absorption.*


Deodorex helps clear toxic buildups of harmful substances in our intestines, substances that our kidneys may have a hard time removing normally.*


National Kidney Month should be treated as a time to appreciate what our kidneys do for us, especially when it comes to keeping our body free from harmful toxins and other contaminants. Caring for your kidneys can include paying your doctor a visit, adjusting what you eat and drink, or simply taking supplements. If your kidneys are optimal, your body can also be optimal.

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