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Best Ways to Have a Good Laugh

“Have a Laugh Day” falls on May 1 this year. Laughter boosts feelings of happiness and increases positive social interactions. If you are in need of life’s best medicine, we have some tips to get you cracking up. Here are some ways to celebrate “Have a Laugh Day.”

Watch a Comedy Movie

Thousands of comedy movies are available to stream online. Comedies are well-known for making sick days a little brighter and lifting spirits in tough times. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. 

Besides jokes, some comedy movies also have engrossing plots. With a good comedy, you can take your mind off of anything that is stressing you out and have a good laugh. Think about which of the following types of comedies interest you most: 

Romantic Comedies 

“Rom-coms” are a popular genre of movie that many people enjoy. These films feature relationship struggles, first dates, and the awkward stages of dating filled with hilarious (and relatable) moments. The film usually ends with two lovers living happily ever after. 

Like with any movie genre, every romantic comedy is a little different. You can choose romantic comedies with your favorite actors and actresses for a comfort movie session. Rom-coms are heartwarming, hilarious, and full of relatable romantic scenarios. 


A satire is designed to make fun of a serious situation, person, or art form. Many satire movies make fun of politics, famous people, and historical events. If you enjoy tongue-in-cheek humor, satire movies are for you. 

Satire movies typically have an underlying message about the thing they are making fun of. For example, the movie The Interview is a political satire that pokes fun at North Korea’s government. Throughout the film, there are references sprinkled in about real events. 

The actors and actresses in satire movies use a lot of sarcastic humor to make things appear ridiculous and unbelievable. This is the perfect comedy movie genre when you’re in the mood for witty, real-life humor. 

Dark Comedies

For those with a dark sense of humor, dark comedy movies will give you a good laugh. Dark comedies are full of jokes about topics that are usually very serious, like death, crime, and war. 

Dark humor is how many people cope with emotional pain and tragic events in their lives. If you are going through something tough and need a way to make light of it, dark comedy might be for you. This genre is certainly not for everyone, but you will like these films if you enjoy jokes with a dark twist. 

See a Comedian

Stand-up comedians perform live at places like bars, arenas, and auditoriums. If you want to experience live entertainment that will keep you chuckling, live comedy is a good option. 

Most stand-up comedians go on tours to major cities and perform a set of jokes. If you have been following one for a while, you may be familiar with some of the stories they tell. This can make seeing your favorite comedian a fun, social experience. You might even get to meet the comedian!

Some live comedy sets are filmed and turned into web or television series. If you can’t make it in person, look for your favorite comedian’s set online. 

Visit Your Funny Friend

You probably have that one friend who never fails to make you laugh — the one who tells stories that make you crack up so hard that your stomach hurts. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, it’s time to visit your funny friend. 

Being around friends and family is good for your mental health. Social interaction can boost your mood when you’re feeling down. This is especially true if your loved ones strike your funny bone. Consider spending quality time with people who make your day a little brighter with their jokes and funny stories. 

Read Funny Comics

Newspaper comics and other illustrated series are full of relevant humor. With a quick search online, you can read funny comics that discuss real-world topics. 

Comics are especially popular in times of major social change, war, political unrest, and tragedy. The authors create funny scenarios to make light of heavy situations and offer some relief to the public. 

There are also classic comic strips like Garfield. These have the same characters with different themes in each comic. If you’re a fan of traditional humorous comics, read some by your favorite authors and illustrators online. Most major newspaper publishers offer online subscriptions instead of hard copies if you prefer digital comics. 

Watch Funny Viral Videos

When a video goes “viral” on the internet, it means that millions of people have viewed it. Viral videos are usually so popular because they make you laugh and are relatable. There are endless funny videos available online that can boost your mood and give you a good laugh. 

Animals, kids, daredevil stunts, and skits go viral all of the time. If you want to browse the internet’s funniest videos, you have plenty to choose from. Some TV shows play these hilarious videos and rank them to determine which one is the funniest. These shows have the added humor of the hosts and audiences as well. 

These videos show regular people going through the same everyday challenges and making the best of them. Viral videos are relatable and can keep you laughing even in the toughest of times. 

Laughter Is the Best Medicine 

Whether you’re going through a stressful time, dealing with grief, or just want a brain break, laughing can give you relief. Laughter is life’s best medicine when it comes to handling serious situations with a smile. Sometimes, you just can’t take yourself seriously. 

Long days at work, tragic events, and mental health challenges can feel never-ending. Comedies, funny videos, and hilarious friends can break you out of your negative thoughts to help you feel better. Don’t let life’s toughest challenges bring you down; instead, let laughter lift you up. 

Celebrate “Have a Laugh Day” this year with some strategies that give you belly-busting laughter. 

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