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Best Ways to Prepare Your Immune System for the Winter Season

The changing seasons can bring many challenges to your immune system. It is important to prepare your immune system this winter and protect your body against health threats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow these tips to find the best ways to prepare your immune system for this season
  • Practicing healthy habits year-round helps protect your immune system in the fall and winter. 
  • Add Quality of Life premium health supplements to your daily regimen to boost your immune health this season.* 

Healthy habits and immune-boosting supplements are great ways to strengthen your body’s defenses this fall!

Table of Contents:

  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Spend Time Outdoors
  • Take AHCC® Supplements
  • Add Oligonol® to Your Supplement Regimen
  • Manage Inflammatory Responses with Curcumin-SR™*
  • Protect Your Body with Resveratrol-SR™*

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in overall health and well-being. If you are not getting between six and eight hours of sleep each night, your immune system will suffer.

While you sleep, your body repairs tissues and cells. This time is essential for a well-functioning immune system.

Sleep also reduces the amount of mental stress you experience during the day. Stress leads to a weakened immune system, which means you cannot fight off health threats as effectively. 

Without enough rest, you also age faster, which puts more strain on your immune health. To stay healthy this fall season, make sure you get plenty of shut-eye each night! 

Spend Time Outdoors 

Nature can be relaxing, healing, and even immune-boosting. Humans are meant to spend a significant portion of their days outdoors, surrounded by nature. 

Unfortunately, modern life makes this difficult, between work schedules, family commitments, and other responsibilities. But even just 15 minutes of outdoor time can still boost your health. 

One of the reasons that time outdoors is so beneficial for your health is sunlight. 

The sun stimulates vitamin D production in your body, which is essential for a strong immune system in the fall

Spending time in nature also reduces stress and fatigue, which contribute to immune health problems. 

If you need to ground yourself and take a moment to relax during the day, going outside is a great idea. 

You can walk, bike, jog, hike, or even just sit outdoors to get healthy sun exposure and other immune health benefits this winter.

Take AHCC® Supplements

AHCC® is a proprietary mushroom extract blend that has shown significant immune-boosting properties.*

Try taking our AHCC® supplements every day to boost your immune system’s defenses this winter.*

We offer three exclusive AHCC® supplements: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx

AHCC® comes from mushroom mycelia, which are the roots of mushrooms. This patented blend supports your immune system’s responses to health threats.* 

Our premium AHCC® supplements offer the following benefits:

  • Strengthening your body’s resistance to health threats*
  • Managing T cell and natural killer cell activity*
  • Promoting optimal macrophage activity*
  • Increasing the number and activity of dendritic cells*
  • Supporting immune health*

Overall, AHCC® is a powerful immune system booster that harnesses the medicinal powers of mushrooms.* 

We offer AHCC® supplements with different dosages for targeted health support. Each supplement delivers a hefty immune boost so you can fight off seasonal health threats.* 

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of mycelia extract per capsule, while AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams per capsule.* 

Finally, AHCC® Rx contains a concentrated 300-milligram dose equivalent to one 500-milligram dose of regular AHCC®.*

No matter which dose you choose, you can boost your immune health and avoid feeling under the weather this winter — and year-round — with AHCC®.* 

Add Oligonol® to Your Supplement Regimen

Oligonol® is our premium cardiovascular health supplement that boosts immunity and fights against the signs of aging.* 

This supplement contains lychee fruit and green tea extract, which both contain large amounts of antioxidants.* Antioxidants help slow the aging process and keep your body healthy over time.

Your heart pumps all of your blood throughout your body. Your blood contains important compounds that heal tissues, repair cells, and assist your immune system. 

Poor circulation can prevent your body from healing wounds and fighting against health threats. It can also interfere with your immune system’s defenses against foreign particles. 

By taking Oligonol® daily, you could strengthen your heart and immune health this winter.* 

Manage Inflammatory Responses with Curcumin-SR™*

When you feel under the weather, your body produces an inflammatory response to try to heal and defend your tissues and cells. 

When inflammatory responses are underactive or overactive, you can run into health problems. 

Curcumin-SR™ contains a highly bioavailable form of curcumin, a health-boosting compound found in yellow turmeric.* Curcumin helps manage your body’s inflammatory responses to promote better health.* 

Managing your body’s inflammatory responses is essential when it comes to aging gracefully. 

Overactive inflammatory responses will damage healthy cells and tissues, leading to discomfort and early signs of aging. 

Take Curcumin-SR™ daily to manage your immune system’s responses to health threats and seasonal challenges.* 

Protect Your Body with Resveratrol-SR™*

Resveratrol is a special nutrient found in red grapes and red wine. It has an abundance of health benefits, including antioxidant properties and metabolism-boosting effects.* 

Most resveratrol leaves your body quickly, as it doesn’t remain in your bloodstream for very long. 

Resveratrol-SR™ contains a patented form of resveratrol that keeps your blood levels steady for 12 hours.* 

With this supplement, you can protect your body from oxidative stress (free radical damage), which leads to age-related health problems.* 

The gradual-release mechanism of Resveratrol-SR™ ensures that it sticks around in your system long enough to deliver its full health benefits.* 

This supplement supports good metabolism and blood flow as well.* These functions are vital for circulating important immune cells and processing food and nutrients.* 

Resveratrol-SR™ also helps maintain appropriate insulin levels, which promotes better general health.* 

Add Resveratrol-SR™ to your daily supplement regimen to keep your cells and tissues in top shape.* 

When you encounter seasonal health challenges, Quality of Life supplements will help you fight them with ease.*

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