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Best Ways to Prioritize Health During Holiday Break

During your holiday school and work breaks, you want to feel and perform your best. With these tips on the best ways to prioritize your health during holiday breaks, you can feel great all season long!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the best ways to prioritize health during holiday breaks 
  • Use AHCC® supplements to boost your immune health over the holidays*
  • Take Oligonol® for improved circulation, hair, skin, nails, and overall wellness this season

Purchase AHCC® and Oligonol® so you can enjoy better health and wellness this holiday season!*

Table of Contents:

  • Why You Feel Worn Out During the Holidays
  • Boost Your Immune System with AHCC®*
  • Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Take Oligonol® for General Wellness*
  • Reduce Your Alcohol Intake
  • Make Sleep a Priority 
  • Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

Why You Feel Worn Out During the Holidays

Almost everyone has experienced the dreaded “holiday slump” feelings after the holiday break is over. You could feel tired, weak, and generally unwell during this time. 

Many people cannot prioritize their health during holiday breaks from school and work. Many responsibilities can get in the way – travel, cooking, cleaning, hosting, and preparing gifts. 

Your immune system has to work overtime during the holidays as you are exposed to new germs and cold weather. This may cause fatigue and other health problems when you are supposed to be enjoying holiday festivities. 

By the time you return from holiday breaks, you might feel worse than before! We have compiled a list of tips to help you beat the winter slump and prioritize health during holiday breaks.

Boost Your Immune System with AHCC®*

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off health threats. During cold weather and the holiday season, which occur together in this part of the world, your immune health can fall behind.

AHCC® is a premium immune-boosting ingredient that we include in three of our supplements.* You can choose from AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx.

AHCC® is a patented form of medicinal mushroom root extract. In clinical studies, AHCC® has shown positive effects on immune health and function.* 

Some of the benefits of AHCC® supplements include:

  • Improved immunity and resistance*
  • Increase in the number and activity of important immune cells*
  • Optimized health threat removal (natural killer cells)*
  • Improved health threat recognition (T-cells)*
  • Efficient immune system cleanup (macrophages)*

These functions are essential to keep your body healthy and energized. With AHCC®, you can naturally boost your immune cell functions by taking a few capsules each day.* 

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams per capsule. AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule.

AHCC® Rx is a more concentrated immune health supplement. Each 300-milligram softgel of AHCC® Rx is equivalent to one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®.* 

If you are new to AHCC® supplements, we recommend starting with AHCC® Gold and moving up. Protect your immune system this holiday season with AHCC®!*

Set Healthy Boundaries

You will enjoy better physical and mental health if you set healthy boundaries this holiday season. Sometimes, you must get comfortable saying “no” to your loved ones. 

Many people accidentally commit to too many events and responsibilities over the holidays. This overscheduling can lead to health problems as stress affects your sleep, mood, and immune system. 

Practice setting healthy boundaries before the holiday season gets busy. For example, you do not have to attend every extended family member’s gathering this season. 

Instead, make it clear that you will only be attending the events that work best for your schedule. Make sure you prioritize downtime to rest and recover between holiday feasts and other festivities. 

Take Oligonol® for General Wellness*

Oligonol® is our premium circulatory health supplement. Made from lychee fruit and green tea extract, this supplement has various health benefits.* 

Improved heart health and circulation is just one benefit of taking Oligonol® as directed.* Your hair, skin, nails, and immune system can also improve.* 

As Oligonol® boosts your circulation, every part of your body receives more oxygen and other beneficial nutrients from your blood.* This nourishes your hair, skin, and nails and boosts immune system function.* 

Oligonol® has anti-aging benefits as well.* This supplement can reduce the appearance of brown age spots on your skin and help you burn stubborn abdominal fat.* 

If you want to look and feel your best during your holiday break, take Oligonol® daily!*

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Over the holidays, you may have several family members or friends that want you to drink with them. Many folks enjoy wine and specialty holiday cocktails during this time of year. 

Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, dehydrates your body, and contributes to weight gain. These negative effects will carry over into the New Year as you return to work and school. 

Many people experience harsh hangovers and poor moods after drinking alcohol. If you do not want to cut out alcohol completely, limit yourself to a few drinks per holiday event. Your body will thank you for limiting your alcohol intake this holiday season. 

Make Sleep a Priority 

Holiday breaks can tempt you to stay up late and wake up early to get things done. However, sleep is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. 

Do not skip out on sleep this holiday season. Make sure you get between six and eight hours of sleep each night to maintain your physical and mental well-being. 

If you are traveling, add in extra time to account for hotel stays and frequent naps. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but your body needs plenty of rest. 

The holidays can be stressful for some people. When you are stressed, your body needs even more rest than usual. 

Prioritizing your sleep will help you prioritize your general health this holiday season.

Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

You deserve to feel happy and healthy over the holidays. Follow these tips to prioritize your health over your holiday break this year. 

With Quality of Life premium health supplements, you can ensure that you feel and look amazing all season long.* 

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