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Best Ways to Take AHCC®

AHCC® supplements can improve your health by fostering immune strength.* 

You can make the most of these supplements by taking them in ways that work for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the best ways to take AHCC® supplements for optimal immune health and function* 
  • Find out the best alternatives to taking AHCC® in capsule form
  • Learn how to best add AHCC® to your supplement regimen with proper timing, doses, and more tips

Start taking our AHCC® supplements to boost your immune system today!*

Table of Contents:

  • Why You Should Add AHCC® to Your Daily Routine
  • How to Take AHCC® for Immune Support
  • Choosing the Right AHCC® Supplement for You
  • Softgels vs. Capsules: Which Is Better?
  • Order Your AHCC® Supplements Today!

Why You Should Add AHCC® to Your Daily Routine

AHCC® sounds like a promising supplement, but do you really need it in your supplement regimen? 

You might be wondering why AHCC® is beneficial in the first place. 

AHCC® works in several ways to boost your immune resistance, strength, and function.* 

These supplements can help protect your health and fight against circulating health threats that go around each year.*

The benefits of AHCC® supplements include:

  • Optimal natural killer cell activity*
  • T-cell management*
  • Increased dendritic cell populations*
  • Increased macrophage populations*
  • Stronger immune resistance*
  • More efficient immune responses*

Each of these important functions helps your body stay free of health problems and uncomfortable symptoms year-round. AHCC® boosts their activity and numbers to support your immune system.* 

Our premium health supplements are convenient — they do not require much time or effort on your part. 

We highly recommend adding AHCC® to your daily routine whenever possible. 

Pick up a bottle of one of our AHCC® supplements to protect your health today.

How to Take AHCC® for Immune Support

Each bottle of AHCC® supplements will have clear directions on the packaging. You should always follow these instructions to get the most out of your supplements. 

The following are the best ways to take AHCC® according to the supplements that you already have. 

AHCC® Gold Instructions

AHCC® Gold is our beginner-level immune support supplement. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams of AHCC®. 

You should take two capsules of AHCC® Gold before meals up to three times per day. The recommended daily dose is between two and six vegicaps of AHCC® Gold. 

You do not have to take the maximum dose of AHCC® Gold every day. 

You can modify the amount that you take according to your current health needs and risk of health problems. 

If you are just starting your AHCC® journey, you can ease into the process by starting with just two vegicaps a day. 

You can then gradually increase your dose to up to six capsules a day for optimal immune support.* 

AHCC® Platinum Instructions

AHCC® Platinum is one of our best-selling premium health supplements. Each capsule contains 750 milligrams of AHCC®. 

The instructions are the same as with AHCC® Gold: take between two and six capsules daily before meals. 

The recommended daily dose of AHCC® for optimal immune health is three grams, which you can achieve by taking four AHCC® Platinum capsules per day.* 

In times of immune challenges and circulating health threats, you can take the maximum dose for increased support.* 

AHCC® Rx Instructions

AHCC® Rx is our maximum-strength AHCC® supplement. 

Each 300-milligram softgel has an equal amount of immune-boosting power as one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®.* 

If you need heightened immune support for any reason, AHCC® Rx is the supplement for you.* This powerful supplement is 67% more potent than normal AHCC®.* 

Take two AHCC® Rx softgels up to three times daily before meals. 

Much like with our other AHCC® supplements, you can modify the dose to match your immune system’s current needs. 

Choosing the Right AHCC® Supplement for You

When it comes to choosing the perfect AHCC® supplement, you will need to consider a few factors. 

Level of exposure 

The first factor you should consider is the frequency that you are exposed to health threats. 

If you work in a healthcare, childcare, or senior care setting, you likely face many more health threats than the average person. 

In these cases, we recommend either AHCC® Platinum or AHCC® Rx. These supplements can give your immune system a strong boost when you need it the most.* 

However, if you work from home or in another low-risk setting, you may not need maximum-strength AHCC®. 

If that is the case, AHCC® Gold is a great option for those wanting normal immune support.* 

Comfort with Swallowing Pills

Many people are uncomfortable with swallowing whole pills and capsules. 

Perhaps you have a health condition or fear that makes it harder to swallow beneficial health supplements. 

If this is you, we have good news: our AHCC® capsules (AHCC® Gold and AHCC® Platinum) can be emptied into a liquid of your choice! 

AHCC® Gold and Platinum capsules contain a powder that easily mixes with liquids. 

If you are not comfortable swallowing the vegicaps whole, you can simply mix the contents into juice, water, or another favorable liquid. 

This is especially helpful for seniors and children as well.

Softgels vs. Capsules: Which Is Better?

AHCC® Rx comes in softgel form. Many people with difficulties swallowing find that softgels are much easier to take than capsules. 

Both capsules and softgels deliver therapeutic doses of AHCC® to your system daily.* 

AHCC® Rx softgels will be more powerful for your immune system, and they may be easier to swallow whole.* 

Ultimately, you can decide for yourself which type of supplement works best for you. 

Once you find your favorite AHCC® product, you can subscribe and save 10% on each order!

Order Your AHCC® Supplements Today!

Now you know the best ways to take AHCC® to ensure that your immune system stays strong and ready for anything.

Are you ready to boost your immune health with a convenient, versatile supplement? Quality of Life is here to help with AHCC®!

Pick up your AHCC® supplements today to jump-start your immune health journey today.* 

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