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Breathe Easy with Allerfin


Picture this: You’ve planned a trip to Washington, D.C. to see the famous National Cherry Blossom Festival. You’re strolling along the Tidal Basin and admiring the pale pink blooms when suddenly your miserable seasonal discomfort symptoms start to kick in. You can’t stop sneezing, your throat feels itchy and you’re feeling a lot more tired than you did when you woke up. But you’re not alone; millions of Americans suffer from seasonal discomfort, especially during spring. Your symptoms may make it seem like a common cold, but seasonal discomfort can appear almost immediately, forcing you to take cover even on the most beautiful spring day.

If you suffer from seasonal discomfort, your first instinct might be to reach for an over the counter medication or a nasal decongestant. However, these products only alleviate your symptoms temporarily and have no long-lasting effects. At Quality of Life, we are committed to providing our customers with clinically researched supplements to help with everything from seasonal discomfort to a better night’s sleep. That’s why we created Allerfin, a doctor-formulated blend that targets three areas of the body: the sinuses, lungs, and eyes.

Unlike other seasonal support products on the market, which only offer temporary relief, Allerfin contains a unique blend of four natural ingredients proven to help manage seasonal discomfort: Allerinol™, Bromelain, Quercetin and Stinging Nettle. Research has shown that certain herbs and herbal derivatives support a healthy immune system while alleviating most allergy symptoms that leave you feeling sluggish. So what are these magical natural ingredients?

Allerinol is a proprietary extract of perilla, a member of the mint family that is often used in Japanese cooking. High in rosmarinic acid, a powerful antioxidant, perilla works its magic by calming down a hypersensitive immune system.* According to scientific studies, Allerinol can also prevent the release of histamine, a chemical that acts as a defense system when an allergen enters the body.* Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple juice, is used to reduce inflammation in the nose and sinuses, as well as help soothe seasonal discomfort.* Quercetin, which is often combined with Bromelain, is a plant pigment found in certain foods like broccoli and citrus that treats inflammation and aging.* Stinging nettle, a medicinal herb dating back to medieval Europe, is used to treat a number of ailments including allergies, joint problems, and urination issues.*  

All four of these powerhouse ingredients work together to reduce inflammation that causes your allergies to flare up, as well as support three areas of the body that need the most help during the change in season: the sinuses, lungs, and eyes.* Allerinol, bromelain and stinging nettle promote healthy nasal passageways, while bromelain supports your lung health.* In our double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, we also found that Allerinol and quercetin support the health of your eyes.* Instead of complicated ingredients found in many seasonal support medications, Allerfin is a holistic approach to helping you feel your best – whatever the season!*

Still on the fence? Here’s what our customers are saying about Allerfin!  

“My mom ordered [Allerfin] for me and within 2 days my eye allergies were completely gone! Respiratory allergies were much better too. Worked better than any of the other medications I just mentioned. No side effects and it's all natural. Highly [recommend]!” – Anonymous

“This is the only thing that seems to keep my allergies in check without having to go the route of over the counter meds and their side [effects]. Both my husband and I love this product.” – Donna

“My son gets severe bronchitis twice a year following the allergy seasons of both ragweed and mountain cedar in Texas that lasts for several weeks. He cannot tolerate over-the-counter steroid sprays because they dry out his eyes while wearing soft contacts and they do nothing to reduce symptoms anyway. Allerfin has been an absolute miracle in controlling his allergies and bronchitis.” – Anonymous

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