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Celebrate National “I AM IN-CONTROL” Day!


The 30th of March is recognized as National “I AM IN-CONTROL” Day. This holiday is a great way to address that out-of-control feeling that we all experience from time to time.

Feeling in-control can improve your mood and happiness, which promotes better overall health! In this blog we will teach you how to observe this holiday and hopefully help you gain a stronger sense of control over your life. 

Step one, stop what you’re doing… yes that even includes reading this blog! Put it on pause for a second, close your eyes and evaluate all the current situations in your life.

What are the areas that come to mind when you think ‘out-of-control’. Write down a list of all the matters in your life that you wish to have more control over. Put your priorities at the top of this list. For example, let say your main priority is to get in-control of your physical space – put that as number one on your list! Having a prioritized list will help you focus on one project at a time and ensure you are starting with the projects that are most important to you.

You may notice that some of the things on your list are not in your control – and they never will be. You should address these items by simply letting them go. De-clutter your mental space of things you wish to have control over, but simply can’t. For example, a past lover or friendship you wish to have better control over. Be in-control of your own mind – and remove these items from your list and headspace.

Getting your life in order may seem like an overwhelming mission – but with the right approach anything is possible! Make lists, start using a daily planner, learn organizational skills, ask for help, talk to someone about your goals, but most importantly feel confident in your decisions.

Share this blog with your family and friends so they can celebrate “I AM IN-CONTROL” Day too!

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