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Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day


Today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day – a nationwide day to raise awareness on the importance of women living a healthy lifestyle at every stage of life. Organizations from all over the U.S join forces the last Wednesday of every September to celebrate women, and encourage them to take care of their health through diet, exercise, and regular doctor’s visits.

This year more than 500 organizations will be holding events in honor of this day. Events will be held at local senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, park and recreation districts, health and service organizations, schools, retirement communities, houses of worship, and other community centers. This This year there is an expected 50,000 to 75,000 women to join these events – you won’t want to miss this action-packed day!

Don’t have time to join any of the events your local community centers are holding? Not to worry, we have some suggestions on how you can celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day all year round!

Check out these 5 fun things to do in honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day:

  1. Check up with yourself. Mental health is an important part of your overall health. So starting today make sure you take a moment each day and reflect on what you need – maybe it’s a mental break or physical break? Take it up a notch by taking yoga class to relax the body and mind. Only have 5 minutes to spare? Try mediating – a minute mediation session is better than nothing.
  2. Take a trip to the doctors. As we know, it’s very important to have yearly physicals and or screenings to make sure your health is in order. But of course, we also know that you might have forgotten to get a checkup last year… and the year before that – so take sometime today to get back on track and schedule a checkup. Remember, prevention is key!
  3. Try a new workout class. If your current workout routine is getting a bit too repetitive maybe it’s time to try something new. Trying a new workout class or starting to get into a daily workout routine can be intimidating, but remember everyone is there for the same reason you are – to maintain good health!
  4. Pamper yourself. As women we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves and do the things we enjoy – so today make sure to take some time and do something for yourself. Go for a facial, go for a message, get your nails done, go for a long walk, take a long bath while reading your favorite book, whatever you decide to do make sure it’s something that makes you feel good!
  5. Try some new foods. Living a healthy life starts with a good diet. Try ditching the potato chips and pick up some veggies instead. Try hosting a healthy foods potluck with friends – this gives you a chance to try different foods and exchange recipes.

Remember, don’t limit yourself to doing any of these things only on National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, make sure to incorporate them into your daily life and encourage others to do so as well.

What are some things you enjoy doing to promote women’s health? Comment below! 

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