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Celebrate Opposites Day!

January 25th is Opposites Day! 

Although you may think you outgrew this holiday. The reality is that this silly holiday might be an excellent opportunity to try something new! 

We get into routines and sometimes ruts that can lead to monotony and aversion to trying new things. 

Use this holiday to try something new!

Here are five easy ways to celebrate opposites day as an adult: 

  1.  Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner! Whip up protein pancakes, eggs and bacon or dinner. Try something savory for breakfast. 
  2.  If you usually drive to work - try a different form of commuting. If possible, get active by walking or biking. If that isn't realistic for you, think green and opt for public transportation. 
  3.  If you usually look at your phone first thing in the morning - try to spend some time offline instead. A good option is journaling, reading, or meditating. 
  4.  If you are usually a texter - call instead! Speaking to someone in real-time offers a more profound connection. Another great option, FaceTime! 
  5.  Change the way you think. If you are in traffic, instead of thinking about how horrible it is, try to appreciate how lucky you are to have a job.    

Finally, when you are at a red light, go and stop at green lights — just kidding! 

Share this blog with your family and friends so they can be inspired to celebrate this holiday too.  

We wish you an Unhappy Opposites Day!

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