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Celebrate Thank You Note Day!


Today is thank you note day! This may seem like a silly holiday – but actually writing thank you notes is a great way to show your appreciation for the people in your life, and even yourself. Celebrating this holiday is quite easy and will only take a little bit of time.

Thank you notes by definition are simply notes and letters of appreciation and gratitude. Writing notes dates back to ancient times – Egyptian and Chinese societies would use papyrus papers to write letters of good luck and friendly notes to those they cared about. Thank you notes are traditionally hand-written, though you can also choose to send your thank you notes through email or by text.

Today we challenge you to write two thank you notes. The first, to someone who makes a positive impact in your life. You may want to choose someone who doesn’t know how much you appreciate them, such as your co-worker or teacher. The second letter is to someone very important who you should be showing thanks to everyday – and that is yourself! We often are too hard on ourselves – writing a thank you note to ourselves is a great way to recognize all the great things that you do.

Since your health is our main concern at QOL we would like to let you in on a secret, writing thank you notes also offers health benefits! A study found that writing as few as three thank you notes over the course of three weeks improved life satisfaction, increased happy feelings, and reduced symptoms of depression.

Now go get some paper or a card and start writing – there are no rules regarding how long these notes have to be, so just let this activity take you where it may. Also, don’t feel limited to writing just 2 notes – you can never show too much appreciation towards yourself or the people in your life.

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