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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Heart Healthy Way!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the emotional heart - but often people forget to think about their physical heart health.

On Valentine’s Day people give their loved ones sugary sweets and take them to decadent dinners out. At QOL we understand the importance of showing loved ones that you care for them - but we would like to offer you some heart healthy options to consider:

Candlelight Dinner - having a special dinner is a Valentine’s Day tradition. Whether you choose to go to a romantic restaurant or prepare a dinner at home - there are many swaps you can make to ensure you are making heart healthy choices. Consider choosing baked or broiled lean meats of seafood with grilled or roasted vegetables.  If you wish to indulge in a decadent dessert that is ok - just remember to watch the portion size. One romantic way to exercise self-control during dessert is to split one dessert with your valentine. 

Sweet Gifts - many of the traditional Valentine’s Day treats are packed with sugar and calories. If you must indulge - try to keep it to a few small pieces of dark chocolate and mix it up with healthy sweets such as a basket of juicy fruits and berries.  This is an easy way to give your valentine some extra fiber, vitamins, and minerals – the gift of health is the greatest gift you can give!

Invest in Experiences - diamonds may last forever…but a couple dance classes or cooking classes could teach you and your valentine techniques that last a lifetime. Focus on giving more tangible gifts that also foster healthy behaviors. For example, a wearable fitness tracking device or a new workout outfit.

Get Active - try celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic hike, ski trip, bike ride, or long walk. If the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activities- look into ice skating, bowling, indoor rock climbing or museum touring. These activities are sure to get your love one’s heart pumping!

Reduce Stress - stress is a strong risk factor for heart disease, especially for women. Treat your valentine to a stress reducing massage or trip to the spa. 

Although the boxes of decadent chocolate treats and champagne may dance around your mind on February 14th- making these choices will satisfy what your heart is actually pining for. Finally, don’t forget that quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts.

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