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Celebrating our Asian-American Heritage at QOL

Did you know that Quality of Life is an Asian-owned brand?

It's true!

Behind your favorite QOL supplements are rich international ties.

Quality of Life was founded in 1998 by the Japanese entrepreneur, Steve Yamada, starting as a small company with a big vision — to improve human health and happiness.

Quality of Life became a bridge between the two countries. Bringing to the US market a wide variety of condition-specific supplements that feature the best-quality nutraceutical ingredients from Asia. 

Some of your favorite QOL products feature ingredients from Japan.

AHCC®, the unique, cultured mushroom mycelia extract clinically proven to support immune health, is sourced from Japan.* AHCC® is known as Japan's top-selling immune support ingredient. This powerful Japanese ingredient can be found in our products, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum and Gold, AHCC® Rx, and ImmunoComplex!

If you have ever wondered about the meaning of the word 'Kinoko' - it is the Japanese word for mushroom!

Another one of our ingredients from Japan is Oligonol.

Featuring a combination of two ingredients seen in traditional Japanese medicine - green tea and lychee fruit. Oligonol - has been clinically studied and shown to offer a wide range of health benefits. Some benefits including skin-health effects, anti-aging benefits, increasing endurance, and supporting a reduction in belly fat. * All these benefits can be attributed to Oligonol's ability to improve blood circulation!

During the month of May we celebrate Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month. This is an excellent time to recognizing the contributions and influence of Asian American culture on our health and wellness practices and achievements in the United States. When you support Quality of Life you are supporting an Asian-owned brand!

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