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Check out these 5 bubble baths for Bubble Bath Day


Bubble Bath Day is quite literally one of the best days to justify someone using the bathtub too long. After all, using the bathtub is quite relaxing, but we don’t get to feel this relaxing effect because everything is just so rushed these days! So if you’re into the habit of pampering yourself with simple pleasures, consider Bubble Bath Day to be that one day.

If you’re looking for some bubble baths that are more than just bubbles and soap, we made a list of the 5 bubble bath types you should try for some really neat health benefits.

1. Epsom Salts

Without a doubt, the most popular type of bath of all time would be anything that makes use of pure, unaldurated epsom salts and with good reason. Epsom Salts are made of a mix of minerals which can be used by the body as electrolytes. Electrolytes play a major role in the functions of our heart, muscles, and nerves. The science isn’t that clear, but some do agree that the minerals present in Epsom Salts help reduce inflammation which can really speed up muscle recovery or help treat sore muscles.

2. Coconut Milk Bath

If you ever want to feel like being on an island minus the actual costs to get there, you can fancy a good bottle of coconut milk. Many coconut milk bath products have the most amazing tropical scent to them which will have you smelling like freshly cut coconuts after you’re done bathing. The best part? Coconut milk is actually good for our skin thanks to high levels of Vitamin C.

3. Skin Moisturizing Baths

A good bath will leave you feeling good about your skin, and this is where bath products that contain jojoba oil and vitamin E come into play. Not only will you get the smooth and silky feeling of bathing in essential oils, you will also give your skin the nourishment and recovery it needs after a day of exposure to UV rays and pollutants.

4. Lavender-Chamomile combo

Stress is perhaps one of the root causes of what makes our body weak and sick. If you want to pamper yourself and remove stress even for a day, you should try a bath product that contains lavender and chamomile, two extracts with relaxation benefits. Being relaxed and soothed can lead to lower stress levels, which can then lead to reduced appetite.

When you’re not having a panic attack or just calm, you’re less likely to crave for something sweet or salty, but most likely unhealthy.

5. Ice Baths

When you think about baths, the first thing that comes to mind is the soothing effect of water at just the right heat temperature. Well, as the name implies, ice baths are the exact opposite of that.

Ice baths wake you up real good and make you shiver all over. Why would we recommend something so weird and unrelaxing? Because ice baths happen to be one of the healthiest baths you can take.

Ice baths can help the body burn more fat through shivering and thermogenesis - when the body burns fat to keep you warm. The cold also helps inflammatory response which can speed up muscle recovery. This is why you see so many athletes with ice strapped to their knees or shoulders after a good game.


Bubble Bath Day is the perfect excuse to add some extra time to your usual bath routine. The best part is, no one is stopping you from making an otherwise normal bubble bath into something creative, pampering, and healthy. If you want to try something new to not just help you relax, but rejuvenate your body, give some of our bubble bath types a try and see why they’re some of the best out there.

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