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Cut Back on Coffee with These Swaps

For many people, waking up well each day begins with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. It's a beverage deeply integrated into many people's lives. 


However, it may be surprising to learn that there could be just as many reasons to avoid coffee as there are to reach for that first cup of Joe. While the 95 mg per serving of caffeine found in most cups of coffee can help some people find the energy they're seeking to be productive, others find it leaves them jittery and even nervous. 


While coffee is used to clear the minds of some effectively, others find too much caffeine can lead to headaches or even digestion issues. Some people simply don't enjoy the relatively bitter natural taste of coffee. Others are looking for something different to spice up their morning routine. 


Whatever the case may be, the good news is there are plenty of alternatives to coffee out there. The following are a few that will help you cut back on coffee and enjoy something a little different. 


Swap Coffee for Tea When you're looking to change your morning beverage habits up and cut down on caffeine, swapping coffee for tea can be an excellent way to do it. There are all types of tea flavors and varieties on the market, making it simple to customize your morning cup to taste and preference. 

Chai Tea

If you're up for some bold flavor and immense health benefits, consider whipping up a cup of chai tea first thing in the morning. Chai tea is a black tea-based beverage that's blended with bold spices and herbs.


Chai tea is often credited with improving alertness while delivering less caffeine than coffee. A cup of chai tea provides some beneficial antioxidants to the body with every sip and comes with a wonderful aroma to match!

Matcha Tea

For the morning beverage seeker who prefers a smooth and fresh drink to start their day, matcha tea tends to check every box on the list. This green tea-based beverage is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are dried and ground into powder before being dissolved into hot water.


Because matcha tea isn't brewed, people who consume it get the antioxidant benefits found in the entire leaf. Many people who begin their day with matcha tea love that it's low in caffeine, provides an earthy aroma, and has a calming effect.

Yerba Mate

Crafted from the leaves of the South American holly tree, yerba mate is a naturally caffeinated tea that's frequently used as a coffee substitute. A cup contains nearly 78 mg of caffeine and is packed with beneficial compounds. 


Yerba mate hosts a variety of minerals and vitamins, including calcium, vitamin C, and thiamine. A cup only takes about 5-minutes to make, and it can be sipped throughout the morning through a straw to maximize flavor. 


Kombucha can be tough to make on your own at home, but it's easy to find in stores making it a great option as a coffee supplement as well. Kombucha is made through a fermentation process that includes yeast, bacteria, sugar, and black tea.


The result is a bold-flavored tea beverage that hosts probiotics, antioxidants, and a collection of acetic acids. Kombucha is often enjoyed as an immune-boosting morning beverage that's loved for its variety of flavors.


Give Chicory Coffee a Try

Don't let the name fool you. Chicory Coffee isn't coffee at all, but it does follow a similar production process. Chicory coffee is produced from chicory root. Like coffee beans, the root can be brewed into a hot beverage after being ground or roasted. 


Many fans of chicory coffee love that the taste is similar to coffee. However, they're just as enthused by the fact that it's an entirely caffeine-free beverage!


A cup of chicory coffee contains a soluble fiber known as inulin that's linked to digestion support. If you purchase chicory coffee in stores, it can be brewed just like traditional coffee through a filter or your preferred coffee maker or press.


Pour Yourself a Glass of Golden Milk

A simple and savory caffeine-free substitute for coffee is found in golden milk. This delicious blend is served up hot and includes a combination of ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon.


Whipping up a glass of golden milk is simple. It only requires adding the ingredients mentioned above into a cup of milk that's been warmed on the stove using medium heat. To top it off with a touch of sweetness, consider adding a dash of vanilla or honey into the mix. Cardamom can also be a lovely touch to the final flavor profile. 


Give Lemon Water a Try

Sometimes the simple things in life can make the most significant impact on the morning routine. Swapping out coffee for refreshing lemon water is a great example!


This straightforward morning beverage combination is refreshing, easy on digestion, and completely caffeine and calorie-free. Lemon provides the dose of vitamin C your body craves, while water brings the hydration in abundance.


Lemon water is often best enjoyed when half a lemon's juice is squeezed into a single glass of water. Feel free to mix in other fruits for flavor variety. 


Sip on Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great substitution for coffee made from fermented, crushed apples mixed with bacteria and yeast. Many people who utilize this morning beverage seek a drink that provides acetic acid, as it has been proven beneficial for managing blood sugar levels. 


When crafting this coffee substitute for yourself at home, simply mix two tablespoons of unfiltered apple vinegar with a cup of cold water. Adding a tablespoon or two of honey can put a sweet finish on this drink that makes it irresistible. 

Enjoy Trying Something New

Whether you're looking to cut down on caffeine or just have a craving for something new, it's nice to know there are options when you're swapping out coffee. 


From tea varieties and warm milk selections to a simple glass of lemon water that can leave you feeling refreshed, there's no reason not to give something different a try. The chances are that your body will thank you, and your morning routine will get the overhaul it's been needing!

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