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Detox This Spring with Deodorex®

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home — it’s also for your body. Find out how you can “clean out” your system for optimal health and functioning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Detox this spring with Deodorex®, our premium detoxification supplement.* 
  • Learn why you need to detox to remove built-up toxins and other harmful substances.* 
  • Read about all of the benefits of taking Deodorex® for spring detoxification.*

Grab a bottle of Deodorex® to get started on your spring detox today!*

Table of Contents:

  1. How Toxins Affect Your Scent, Breath, and Health
  2. Bad Body Odor and Embarrassment
  3. Deodorex®: Target Bad Odors At the Source
  4. The Odor-Blasting Ingredient: Champex® Mushroom Extract*
  5. Using Deodorex® As an Oral Rinse
  6. Support Your Kidney Health*
  7. Increase Beneficial Gut Bacteria*
  8. Spring-Clean Your System with Deodorex® This Year*

How Toxins Affect Your Scent, Breath, and Health

Everyone has experienced bad breath or embarrassing body odor at some point in their lives. This is usually due to a buildup of toxins and harmful substances in your body. 

Certain chemicals can change your body odor, breath, and blood contents. This makes you produce foul-smelling odors, even if you practice good hygiene. 

You can brush your teeth regularly, floss, use mouthwash, and apply deodorant. However, if you have toxins built up in your body, these practices may not kill your body odor on their own. 

Undigested Food

When you eat a snack or a meal, your stomach releases special acids to break down the food. This assists the rest of your digestive tract in absorbing nutrients and passing the food into waste material. 

Sometimes, your stomach may release too little of the necessary acids to fully digest your food. As a result, some of the food you have eaten will remain undigested and start to decay. When this happens, you may notice gas, bloating, and bad body odor. 

Methyl Mercaptan

Methyl mercaptan is the main culprit behind bad breath. Having foul-smelling breath can be very embarrassing and limit your social life over time. 

The compounds in our premium detox supplement neutralize methyl mercaptan by changing its chemical composition.* This forms new, odorless compounds that inhibit bad breath. 

Protein Decomposition

When certain proteins start to decompose in your intestines and blood, it can cause horrific body odor. No matter how much you try to mask your scent, it won’t work as well as fighting the root cause of your body odor. 

Protein decomposition releases foul-smelling chemicals like ammonia, mercaptan, and hydrogen sulfate. Our detox supplement for spring neutralizes these odor-producing chemicals to help you naturally smell better.* 

Poor Digestion and Gut Health

If populations of harmful bacteria grow too large in your digestive tract, you might experience bad odors. 

Your stool and flatulence may start to smell especially bad over time. Bad gut health leads to many other health problems — not to mention embarrassment. 

Bad Body Odor and Embarrassment

No one wants to smell bad in front of other people. Unfortunately, sometimes, you just can’t help it. 

If you struggle with poor body odor, you know how embarrassing it can be. You might spend hours cleaning and grooming yourself just to be met with foul-smelling B.O. or breath a few minutes later. 

Bad body odor and bad breath can both affect your mental health. If your odor makes you too ashamed to socialize, attend work events, and spend time with your friends and family, you need Deodorex®.

Deodorex®: Target Bad Odors at the Source

Deodorex® is our premium detoxification supplement.* When you take Deodorex® as directed, it can neutralize odor-causing chemicals and freshen your breath.* 

The chemical compounds in Deodorex® work against the odor-causing chemicals in your body.* Each ingredient interacts with odor-causing chemicals to neutralize them or capture them and eliminate them from your system.* 

Instead of using body sprays, heavy deodorant, and breath mints, you can target your bad body odors at the source with Deodorex®.* 

The Odor-Blasting Ingredient: Champex® Mushroom Extract*

Champex® Mushroom Extract is a patented form of the white button mushrooms you have probably seen before. The compounds in Champex® do the heavy lifting to fight against embarrassing odors.* 

Champex® contains the following odor-fighting compounds:

  • Polysaccharides
  • Amino acids
  • Polyphenols

These compounds have been shown to reduce levels of odor-causing chemicals by neutralizing or eliminating them.* 

Using Deodorex® as an Oral Rinse

You can take Deodorex® as a normal supplement or use the contents of each capsule to make a mouth rinse! This is especially convenient after meals or before socializing.

All you have to do is empty one capsule into a small glass of water. Use this liquid as mouthwash and swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds. 

Once you spit out the mouth rinse, you may notice that your bad breath has disappeared!* Deodorex® is perfect for blasting away pesky odors that make you feel self-conscious in public.* 

Support Your Kidney Health*

Your kidneys are the filtration system of your body. When blood and urine pass through your kidneys, they become purified and reduce the levels of toxins in your system.

Deodorex® supports good kidney health by ridding your body of excess toxins and other harmful compounds.* Ammonia and uric acid can strain your kidneys when levels are unbalanced, and Deodorex® helps prevent this problem.* 

Increase Beneficial Gut Bacteria*

Your digestive tract contains billions of micro bacteria that help you break down and digest food. The “good” bacteria benefit your digestive health and help fight against “bad” bacteria. 

Deodorex® has been shown to increase populations of beneficial gut bacteria in some participants.* This is great news for anyone struggling with foul-smelling stools, flatulence, and other digestive health problems.

Beneficial gut bacteria can help combat bloating, abnormal stools, and indigestion. If you want to support your gut health while fighting against bad body odors, Deodorex® is the supplement for you!*

Spring-Clean Your System with Deodorex® This Year*

Don’t wait for your body odor and breath to get out of control before doing something about it. Pick up a bottle of Deodorex®  to get started on your spring detox!*

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