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Discover Your Artsy Side and Beat Stress


Do you find yourself in awe of the arts? It is innate to human nature and you too possess an artistic side, it just so happened that most of us chose to cultivate another talent or hobby. However, our thirst for creativity never truly goes away. You can say the energy that lets us appreciate the world around us (and the aesthetics of whatever it is that we chose to focus on) is our artistic side talking.

More than being a hobby or profession, art has ways that can relax the soul, allowing people to let off steam and let their artistic brain work through their imagination and cognition. In this manner, art can also help us manage stress better. Interested? Check out some of the quick and easy ways you can make art at home to help with stress.

1.   Coloring books for adults

Coloring books for adults have become trendy among those who are in their 30s and up due to how they are therapeutic. These coloring books contain intricate and complex drawings which you can color with all sorts of markers, pens, and maybe even actual oil-based paint. They promote the idea of using different and bright colors as these are the colors that help the mind be more positive when it comes to everyday stress.

2.   Postcard designing

Almost nobody uses postcards nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. Cut the paper in the shape of a postcard (better if you have “hard” paper to use), then work on what you feel is a postcard that describes your personality or your likes. Some find this working better if they’re designing it for someone else, perhaps a friend or a partner.

3.   The classic collage

Remember those art projects we used to do all the time in school? The most popular one is the collage, as it’s not just easy to make but also really cheap. If you have a bunch of old magazines lying around and some glue to spare (and a place to stick your collage onto), then you’re all set!

The best thing about collages is how they’re both ecofriendly and budget-friendly, allowing you to distress without really making you feel like you spent real money to do it.

4.   Customize your work area or bedroom

One of the best ways to destress with art is to simply make our personal spaces brighter or more relaxing. Ditch the old dark and gray colors of a typical desktop and spice it up with blue, red, yellow, and other colors of the rainbow. If you want to feel like you always sleep under the stars, design your bedroom’s ceilings in a way that it looks like you’re staring at constellations.

Stuck with a boring office chair? Why not spice it up with some new cushions, stickers, or maybe outfit it with led lights to make working feel like you’re streaming a game.

5.   Draw as a response to music

Drawing with your favorite songs in the background is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to destress with art. Just grab a piece of paper and pencil (or any marker), play any song, and draw. Some say it’s more relaxing if you draw with your eyes closed.

It doesn’t matter how you draw or what song you play in the background, this is guaranteed to be a really great de-stressing activity.


If you want to try your hand at doing art to relieve stress, there’s no better day to do that than today! Not only will it be fun, but you can discover artsy ways of dealing with everyday stress.

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