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Don’t Let the Cold Scare You From Going Outside


Christmas and New Years are done and over with just like that, but the cold and snow persist. Depending on where you live, this type of weather might last anywhere for another month or three! Regardless of how long it takes for the flowers to come out in Spring, you shouldn’t spend all your time cooped up inside your house. After all, the best way to be physically active is to go outside and be in nature!

If you’re looking for ways to be physically active during the colder months, we made a list of the 8 best things you can do to not just have fun, but also get a good bit of exercise and sweat in the middle of winter.

1. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating

These should be staple activities for those who have a bit of time after the holidays. The best part is, if you know how to ski or snowboard, you likely already have the equipment ready, so you can head out and have fun instantly! If you don’t have the equipment ready, you can rent it or invest some of your holiday money into some new equipment!

2. Exercise outside

If you’re up for a challenge, try taking your tools outside (or at least just outside the garage). Plenty of athletes train in the cold as some experts believe training in this kind of weather toughens their mentality and forces them to focus on the workout more. After all, it’s really cold and the only thing in your mind is to get the workout done and over with.

3. Make a snowman

You’re never too old to build a snowman. It’s actually the perfect time to build a snowman because the holidays are over and all the competitive snowman builders have either all gone back to where they actually live or no longer interested in building amazing snowmen. So, don’t worry about your snowman looking weird or not as good! The best part? This can work up a sweat!

4. Throw snowballs

Call a friend and have a snowball fight. Even if you are advanced in age, snowball fights can still be fun, especially now that the kids are back to studying and you have the park all to yourselves!

5. Go on a short hike

If some hills are open to the public, now’s the best time to take a hike because the cooler weather will deter the crowds. If you can, go up to the very top to get the best view of your city or town cloaked in pretty white snow!

6. Rent a snowmobile

While not exactly physical as far as physical activity is concerned, renting a snowmobile still counts as going outside and enjoying the winter days. You can also have the chance to see what your town looks like during winter, especially in places you don’t really get to visit.

7. Go to a nearby playground

Playgrounds and parks should still be optimal locations if you just want to hang out and get some good sunlight for maximum daily Vitamin D. If there are slides, swings, or monkey bars, feel free to bring your inner kid out and use them! Just be careful about frost or sharp icicles!

8.  Shovel snow

If all else fails, the least you can do is help clear the road of snow. Not only does shoveling snow exercise your body, it also fills you with a sense of purpose and satisfaction, especially after seeing how big the snow mountain you shoveled out turned out to be.


Winter won’t be going away anytime soon, so you might as well do what you can to stay active and appreciate the great outdoors. You can ski, build snowmen, go hiking, or even just shovel snow outside your house. Regardless of what you choose to do until Spring, it will always beat staying inside all day.

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