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Don’t Let Your Skin Suffer This Winter


When we hear the word bacteria we tend to associate it with words like; unhealthy, dangerous, bad, unwanted. But what many of us fail to realize is that some bacteria is actually good for you! In fact, all the bacteria in your body should be 85% good and 15% bad – this is considered a healthy balance of bacteria. In fact, there is around 100 trillion good bacteria that live in and on our bodies – but mainly they reside in our gut. The good bacteria work in the gut to break down our food and absorb the nutrients – helping us to stay healthy and strong.

When we begin looking into the gut wall, 70 percent of the cells that live there make up the immune system. You might want to begin looking into your gut health when you begin seeing issues with your mood, skin, or when you feel that cold coming because these could all be signs that your immune system isn’t working sufficiently due to bad gut health. 

If you want to fix your health, start with your gut. Gut health literally affects your entire body. Foods such as kombucha, tempeh, and yogurt all contain beneficial bacteria. One group of well-studied bacteria found in many foods is lactic acid bacteria, a beneficial bacteria with multiple documented health benefits. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most well-known species of lactic acid bacteria. Produced from sterilized cells of a proprietary strain of L. acidophilus, L-92™ is a patented, powdered food ingredient that has been studied in both adults and children.

L-92 brings chemical messengers of the immune system, called cytokines, into the right balance. This helps prevent overreactions of the immune system thereby promoting clear, comfortable, and healthy skin. L-92 has been shown in placebo-controlled human studies of both adults and children to soothe dry, sensitive skin, and improve the appearance of skin.* L-92 is the perfect example of a probiotic ingredient being beneficial to not only the gut, but also helps to support immunity and skin health. Did you know that L-92 can be found in QOL’s skin heath supplement, Exequel™?

Remember, having a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria is crucial for good health. Make sure you are fueling your body with enough good bacteria to support your gut and thus supporting your immune health. 

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