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Don’t Miss a Day in the Gym: Oligolean + AHCC®

Building a consistent workout routine is important for healthy weight loss. With Oligolean and AHCC® supplements, you don’t have to miss a day in the gym.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how your immune system affects your weight: don’t miss a day in the gym with Oligolean and AHCC®.
  • Find out how Oligolean and AHCC® work together to boost your overall health.*
  • Learn why healthy weight management and exercise are so important for your health. 

Pick up Oligolean and AHCC® today for optimal immune health and weight management!*

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Hit Your Body Goals This Summer
  2. Immune Health and Weight Management
  3. AHCC® Supplements for Immune System Support*
  4. Which AHCC® Supplement Should You Choose?
  5. Oligolean: Burn Fat, Boost Your Metabolism, and Control Your Hunger*
  6. Taking Oligolean and AHCC® Together
  7. Use Oligolean and AHCC® for Weight Management This Summer*

How to Hit Your Body Goals This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone is working hard to achieve their dream bodies. So how do you meet all of your summer body goals without sacrificing your time and energy?

The answer is simple — consistent exercise, a healthy diet, and supplements. Quality of Life premium health supplements use research-based ingredients to enhance your weight management efforts.* 

Hitting the gym will help you burn excess calories and avoid fat gain. On the other hand, Oligolean and AHCC® can target unwanted body fat and boost your immune system for better health.* 

Immune Health and Weight Management

Your immune system plays a large role in healthy weight management and vice versa. Both factors influence each other and your general health. 

When your immune system isn’t strong, it can’t fight off health threats. This can cause you to miss your workouts and regain some of the weight you worked so hard to lose. 

Your weight also influences your immune function. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping off extra fat makes it easier for your body to remain healthy and strong. 

The human immune system is designed to eliminate health threats and foreign particles that could make you feel under the weather. Sometimes it needs an extra boost, and that’s where AHCC® comes in. 

AHCC® Supplements for Immune System Support*

Our AHCC® supplements are some of our best-selling products of all time. There’s a good reason for this — they work to protect your immune health.* 

We have three AHCC® supplements — AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® RX. Each AHCC® supplement contains therapeutic doses of this immune-boosting ingredient.* 

So how does AHCC® enhance your immune system?* Let’s find out. 

Types of Immune Cells and Their Functions

Before we dive into how AHCC® works to improve your immune health, it’s important to know how your immune system works.*

Different types of cells carry out your immune system’s essential functions. These include fighting off foreign threats, “cleaning” your system by getting rid of waste materials, and strengthening your resistance to health problems. 

Natural killer cells are white blood cells that directly fight off harmful cells, including cells with abnormal growth patterns and cells that carry threatening substances throughout your system. 

T-cells are like the bodyguards of your immune system. They recognize health threats your body has previously fought off and alert the appropriate cells to destroy them. 

Macrophages are the “cleaners” in your immune system. They engulf (consume) leftover cell parts and waste materials, allowing for smoother communication between your immune cells. 

Dendritic cells are messengers that communicate health threats to other immune cells. They display antigens (foreign particles) to other cells that can effectively neutralize the threat. 

How AHCC® Works

AHCC® works with all of these immune cells to enhance your body’s response to health problems.* 

In clinical studies, AHCC® has been shown to:

  • Increase resistance to health threats*
  • Optimize macrophage activity*
  • Increase the numbers and activity of dendritic cells*
  • Manage natural killer cell activity*
  • Maintain peak T-cell activity*
  • Promote efficient immune responses*

These benefits of AHCC® strengthen your immune system and help you stay healthy all year long!*

Which AHCC® Supplement Should You Choose?

There are three different AHCC® supplements to consider. While they all contain therapeutic doses of this star ingredient, you should consider your individual needs.

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This is our beginner-level immune health supplement. 

If you are relatively healthy and don’t encounter many immune threats often, you can start with AHCC® Gold. This immune-boosting supplement will protect your health on the most basic level.* 

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This middle-of-the-road AHCC® product is perfect for those with moderate immune threat exposure.* 

AHCC® RX is our high-strength immune health supplement. It’s perfect for those who work with large groups of people and encounter health threats very frequently.* 

Ultimately, all three AHCC® supplements benefit your immune health and function.* It’s up to you to decide which one will best suit your health needs so you can stay on top of your workouts this summer.

Oligolean: Burn Fat, Boost Your Metabolism, and Control Your Hunger*

Oligolean is our newest weight loss supplement that helps you maintain a healthy, desirable weight.* 

This supplement contains two key ingredients — Oligonol® and yerba mate. Both ingredients work together to control your appetite and burn through extra body fat.* 

Oligonol® is our circulatory health supplement, but it also has other health benefits.* These improvements include reduced visceral (belly) fat, increased energy, and better skin.* 

Yerba mate has been used for hundreds of years as a therapeutic tea. In Oligolean, yerba mate decreases your appetite and keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods.* 

Taking Oligolean and AHCC® Together

Taking Oligolean with AHCC® can give you the energy and immune health you need to stay consistent in the gym.* 

The ingredients in Oligolean give you an energy boost, helping you power through tough workouts to burn excess fat.* 

AHCC® strengthens your resistance to health problems to minimize those days off from the gym that can impair your progress.* 

When used together, these supplements create the perfect dual-action weight management plan!*

Use Oligolean and AHCC® for Weight Management This Summer*

Pick up these two high-quality health supplements to get the summer body you dream of!*

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