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Fell Off Your Resolution? Get Back on Track with Oligonol!

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Many of us vow to stick with our fitness regimens during the holidays. After that comes the obligatory New Year's resolutions; unfortunately, it can be challenging to stick to these goals. There are so many stressors and temptations at this time of year that many people find themselves back at square one.


Try to stay positive if this happens to you. You haven't failed. You simply need to find the right tools. This is the perfect time to give the power of Oligonol a try.

Identifying What Went Wrong

Chances are, you began this journey with confidence and enthusiasm. You were going to eat healthier, regulate your calories, and work out regularly. Then, something changed. It's helpful to identify what happened so that you can plan around that and get back on track. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Was I frustrated by the lack of progress despite working so hard?
  • Did I feel deprived or hungry?
  • Was I tempted by holiday food and drink?
  • Did the stress of the holidays and new year lead to emotional eating?
  • Were workouts difficult or ineffective?
  • Are my old diet and exercise routines no longer working for me?


Once you answer these questions, you may conclude that you simply need to work harder. However, you might reconsider being so hard on yourself. Falling off your resolutions isn't always due to a lack of self-discipline or effort. 


In many cases, your struggles to get fit are related to the changes your body undergoes over time, environmental factors, changing metabolism, and stress. There's no need for guilt or shame. Instead, it may be time to add an all-natural supplement that can improve the effectiveness of your workouts and eating plan.

What Is Oligonol?

Oligonol is a low-molecular-weight polyphenol derived from lychee fruit and green tea. This supplement has been shown to help people lose weight and yield more enjoyable workouts by lessening fatigue and increasing endurance, reducing visceral (belly) fat, and supporting cardiovascular health.*

Who Should use Oligonol?

If you are an adult struggling to reach a healthy weight despite a good diet and regular exercise, Oligonol could be a supplement you need to help you attain your fitness goals.*


You may have been told that you will lose weight as long as you burn more calories than you consume. While there is some truth to that, the reality is much more complex. Many factors impact your ability to maintain a calorie deficit while still maintaining the energy levels you need to function. 


In truth, the key to sticking with your resolutions is understanding everything that could be a roadblock to your weight loss. These include:


  • The efficiency of your metabolism
  • Production of hormones that cause fat accumulation
  • Your appetite
  • Blood sugar regulation


If your body is struggling to regulate these things naturally, Oligonol could give you a boost. 

What Is Oligonol?

Oligonol is a polyphenol derived from lychee and green tea extracts. This natural supplement provides vital support to boost the impacts of your weight loss efforts.* Extensive research has been done on oligonol. Here are some of the most essential points:


  • Research participants who took oligonol lost weight and reduced abdominal circumference (Nishira 2009).
  • The same participants also lost belly or visceral fat.
  • Young men who took 100 mg of oligonol experienced reduced cortisol levels (Lee 2010).
  • Oligonol helps to reduce insulin resistance and regulate blood sugar (Kang YR 2012, in Alkhatib 2017).


Oligonol can genuinely level up your fitness efforts!

How Oligonol Can Jumpstart Your Resolutions

It's frustrating to work hard to keep your resolution then see no real progress. It's also challenging to stick to your goals when you feel hungry, tired, and sluggish. Oligonol is an all-natural supplement that helps you feel better and achieve your goals.* This provides you with the little "wins" you need to stick to your program for the long term.

How Do I Make Oligonol Work for Me?

Remember that the point of Oligonol is to help you get better results from your workouts and food choices. Start by reading the product's details, then take it according to the instructions.


It's also essential to set clear goals that include plans to reach those goals. Then, it's all about creating good habits and establishing routines that work for you. Remember that it's better to set up a workout routine and eating plan that you can stick with over time than it is to set the bar so high that you suffer frustrating setbacks.


Finally, don't forget to track your progress. You will feel empowered to continue working towards your goals when you see the results. Success truly does lead to more success.

Oligonol: The Key to Fitness in the New Year

You deserve every advantage when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Oligonol is the perfect supplement for anyone who wants a natural aid! 

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