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Fight Back Against Seasonal Blues with QOL

Winter can make you feel sad and down, even if you are normally happy. You can fight back against seasonal blues with Quality of Life supplements!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fight back against seasonal blues with QOL premium health supplements this winter.*
  • Many people feel sad throughout the winter because of low sunlight exposure and changes in serotonin levels.
  • Our serotonin supplements can combat seasonal sadness so you can stay happy all year long!*

Purchase PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin and SerenelleĀ® to improve your mental health this season!*

Table of Contents:

  • Why You Feel Down During the Winter
  • The Role of Serotonin in the ā€œWinter Bluesā€
  • Regulate Mood, Sleep, and Appetite with PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin*
  • Curb Stress with SerenelleĀ®*
  • The Differences Between PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin and SerenelleĀ®

Why You Feel Down During the Winter

Many holidays take place during the winter season. So why do so many people get sad, unmotivated, and upset all season long?

The ā€œwinter bluesā€ can be traced to reduced sunlight and changes in sleep patterns during the winter. There are also personal lifestyle factors at play.Ā 

If you live in the northern hemisphere of the world, chances are that you get less sunlight during the winter. This lack of sunlight affects your hormones, energy levels, and mood.Ā 

The sun assists your bodyā€™s production of vitamin D, a nutrient that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. Sunlight also helps you feel awake and energized by stopping melatonin production.Ā 

During the colder months, your body continues to produce melatonin while you are awake due to a lack of sun exposure. This melatonin can make you feel groggy, tired, and sad throughout the day.Ā 

Many people also experience stress around the holidays. This can exhaust your mind and body, leaving you with low moods and negative thoughts.

Luckily, you do not have to spend all winter feeling down and upset. Quality of Life mood-boosting supplements can improve your mental health and well-being this season.*Ā 

The Role of Serotonin In the ā€œWinter Bluesā€

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your appetite, mood, and sleep patterns. When you have low serotonin levels in your brain, you are more likely to feel sad and fatigued.Ā 

Exposure to sunlight promotes serotonin production in your brain. During the colder months of the year, you get less sunlight, which leads to a drop in serotonin.Ā 

Low serotonin levels can cause the following symptoms:

  • Poor moods
  • Stress-related eating
  • Abnormal appetite
  • Poor sleep
  • Low energyĀ 
  • Feelings of sadness and negativity
  • Mental stress
  • Problems with memory and learning

These issues are sure to put you in a bad mood all winter long. Itā€™s no wonder that you feel worse during the colder months!

We have two supplements that can help you feel like yourself again.* PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin and SerenelleĀ® can help you fight the seasonal blues so you can enjoy fun holiday festivities!*

Regulate Mood, Sleep, and Appetite with PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin*

PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin is designed to increase serotonin levels in your brain.* This supplement can improve multiple areas of your life, including sleep patterns and food intake.*Ā 

PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin contains 5-HTP, the building block your body uses to form serotonin.* When you take 5-HTP in supplement form, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and is used by your brain to make more serotonin.*Ā 

This supplement can improve how you feel and look around the holidays.* PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin has positive effects on your mood and behavior.*Ā 

When you experience a drop in serotonin levels and start to feel stressed or sad, you are more likely to reach for unhealthy foods. This habit can lead to weight gain, which only further worsens your mood.Ā 

Taking PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin can reduce stress-related eating and help you maintain a healthy weight.* This is especially important around the holidays when there are plenty of sugary treats around.

PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin also curbs stress and improves the quality of your sleep.* Serotonin is important for relaxation, which is essential for falling asleep at night.

Most importantly, PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin contributes to positive moods and feelings of happiness.* This is very important during seasons when you get low sun exposure.

You can enjoy your holiday season and develop healthy habits by taking PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin regularly.*Ā 

Curb Stress with SerenelleĀ®*

Do you feel overwhelmed during the winter holidays? There are many moving parts to coordinate during the holiday season, which would leave even the best planner stressed out.Ā 

SerenelleĀ® is our natural relaxation supplement. This supplement fights stress without leaving you tired and groggy.*Ā 

Most mainstream stress relief supplements have a sedative effect. This is not ideal when you are trying to prepare for family visits, gift wrapping, and other winter activities.Ā 

When you take SerenelleĀ®, you can enjoy the energizing and calming effects at the same time.* Natural herbs calm your body and mind, while ashwagandha extract boosts your productivity and wakefulness.*Ā 

SerenelleĀ® promotes relaxing brain wave patterns that calm you down in the face of occasional stress.* This helps you relax and get through the holidays without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed.

This supplement provides fast-acting stress relief.* We include L-theanine in SerenelleĀ®, which has been shown to activate in as little as 40 minutes!*

GABA is a neurotransmitter that inhibits anxious feelings and stress.* We include a patented form of GABA in SerenelleĀ® that increases relaxing brain wave formation and decreases stressful ones.*Ā 

Overall, SerenelleĀ® is a wonderful stress relief supplement.* You can remain calm and productive this holiday season by adding this to your daily supplement regimen!*

The Differences Between PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin and SerenelleĀ®

You might be wondering which supplement will best suit your needs this season. Both of these supplements will improve your mood and help you stay happy this winter.*Ā 

PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin targets serotonin production specifically.* This means that if you have low levels of serotonin in your brain, this supplement will boost them.*Ā 

PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin promotes healthier sleep patterns, weight management, and positive moods.* SerenelleĀ® relates more to stress levels and frustration.*Ā 

If you suffer from occasional stress over the holidays, SerenelleĀ® can provide fast-acting relief and relaxation.* On the other hand, seasonal blues will respond better to PureBalanceā„¢ Serotonin.*

You can take both supplements to manage your mood, stress levels, and other habits this season. Pick up these premium mood-boosting supplements to stay happy and healthy all winter long!*

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