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Fight skin dryness with Exequel

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When you talk about skin health supplements, you often think about oils, extracts, vitamins, and minerals, either topical or oral. While they're all amazing and effective in their own right, they're not exactly products you would consider as boldly innovative or taking into consideration the latest in skin health research.

The science around skin health has progressed beyond nutrients, and many studies cite the benefits of taking a special type of probiotic strain that supports skin health from the inside out. This bacteria is called the L. acidophilus probiotic or L-92 - the active ingredient found in our Exequel.

What Does L-92 Do For Skin Health?

Exequel is a skin health supplement we formulated specifically to help with skin dryness and discomfort. It can help soothe dry, sensitive skin and promote a more beautiful skin appearance. Exequel can do all these thanks to a good probiotic strain called L-92.

What does a probiotic strain have to do with skin health? As it turns out, it could help reduce symptoms of dryness and discomfort. Many skin conditions have symptoms of dryness and discomfort or itching, and L-92 has been shown to help relieve these symptoms and lower future outbreaks.

L-92 is a Lactobacillus strain discovered to have skin-health benefits in a 2016 study in Japan. The study was about the effects of L-92 vs. placebo on patients with a skin condition that cause them to have dry skin and uncomfortable itchiness.

The study concluded that the subjects who took L-92 had significant improvements in skin conditions that have dryness and itching as a primary source of discomfort. The same study noted that sustained intake of L-92 supplements helped reduce the scratching tendencies of patients and helped maintain remission of skin symptoms.

What it means is, taking L-92 for long periods not only reduced itching but also helped lower future dryness outbreaks and scratching behavior.

Moreover, the study also showed that taking L-92 could help the body respond to skin-irritating organisms faster, promoting healthier skin. It works by reducing the body's tendency to overreact to common allergens, thereby promoting a more comfortable, clean, and healthy skin.

Exequel Works Best with Oligonol and Melatonin-SR

Exequel, on its own, is already a potent skin-health product, capable of reducing symptoms of skin dryness and itching. However, if you really want to get your skin the nourishment it deserves, we recommend taking Exequel with Oligonol and Melatonin-SR.

Oligonol is a polyphenol-powered supplement that improves blood flow, which can translate to better nutrient absorption, critical for skin health. Melatonin-SR is more of a supplement you take to help your skin repair itself faster and efficiently, as it helps you get that perfect beauty sleep you've always wanted..

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