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Find Out Why Yellow & Black Turmeric is Not Just an Ordinary Curcumin Supplement

Turmeric has become a sort of panacea when it comes to the world of alternative therapies and medicine. There are plenty of studies saying turmeric consumption can offer many benefits to your body and health. It's famously known for its ability to support joint health, but now it's been uncovered that this powerful spice also benefits blood pressure, skin health, immunity, and healthy aging.


Turmeric can do all of those thanks to curcumin, its most active component. Curcumin is cited to help your body mount a proper inflammatory response. 


Does it seem too good to be true? There is one shortcoming, bioavailability. Many studies say curcumin absorption is between 1% to 5%; a few studies even say it's undetected in the bloodstream after taking generic supplements. 


To ensure you are absorbing your supplement and getting the benefits you paid for, we recommend our Yellow & Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR. 


Why is Yellow & Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR better than other curcumin products?


Traditional curcumin products either only include plain curcumin or curcumin in combination with ingredients that can boost absorption. 


We took it a step further by adding black turmeric, a form of turmeric that can activate the SIRT1 gene.*


What is the SIRT1 Gene?


The SIRT1 gene is the very thing that helps slow the process of aging. People who often "trigger" this gene look youthful or, as they say, look "young for their age." Unsurprisingly, foods common in many healthy aging diets can activate this gene. Among these SIRT1 foods are red wine, kale, berries, dark chocolate, coffee, and of course, turmeric. 


And as you may know, not everyone can sustain a specific type of diet for long periods, so it goes without saying that maintaining a SIRT1 diet may not be the ideal solution for everyone. More importantly, there are people out there who have health conditions that may not permit the consumption of typical SIRT1 foods. 


Taking Yellow & Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR allows your body to activate the SIRT1 gene more through a branded ingredient called SIRTMAX. 


SIRTMAX is pure, concentrated black turmeric. The ingredient is standardized to poly methoxy flavonoids, natural compounds found mainly in citrus fruits and black turmeric. Studies show these flavonoids promote SIRT1 gene activity by up to 17 times. 

Curcumin-SR for superior bioavailability


More than SIRTMAX and its pro-SIRT1 gene benefits, we also included Curcumin-SR. Curcumin-SR lets curcumin be ten times more bioavailable than ordinary curcumin ingredients. When you have a more bioavailable version of curcumin, you are also improving the benefits your body gets from the spice.


The benefits of taking Yellow & Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR


These are some of the benefits you can expect to get when you try our product:


  • Improved SIRT1 gene activation:¬†For a more youthful appearance and health*
  • Healthier inflammatory response:¬†Curcumin is one of the most potent ingredients for helping the body mount a healthy inflammatory response.*
  • Supporting healthy joints:¬†Studies have found curcumin to have excellent benefits on the health of our joints.*



Curcumin is one of the closest ingredients we have that can be considered a potential treatment for many health problems, especially health problems related to aging. Curcumin is poorly absorbed, so it's only natural that you want the best product for maximum absorption and more. 


Avoid low-quality curcumin products and choose Yellow & Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR. Our product combines the powerful benefits of yellow turmeric with the SIRT1 gene activating properties of black curcumin.

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