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Foods That Promote Healthy Digestion

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Sluggish after lunch at work?

That’s your sign to boycott the junk food quirk!

Can you sense the heartburn rising uncomfortably fast?

Healthy foods can make this one your last!

Bad breath & acne are other reasons;

Why you MUST check these options out for all seasons!

Owing to changing lifestyle habits, an increasing variety of food options and a soaring prevalence of digestion related diseases, we felt the need to list here some easily available food choices to aid with healthy digestion:

  1. Ginger: It’s among one of the most popular foods for relieving nausea & is commonly used for motion sickness. This flowering plant, also used as a spice, has comforting properties in cases of impaired digestion with signs of pain, discomfort, heartburn or fullness.* Ginger is available as a root, powder, juice, or capsules. It can be grated onto curries, smoothies or even brewed into an aromatic antioxidant tea!
  2. Peppermint: Known to help with irritable bowel issues and indigestion, peppermint can be used in the form of a capsule, candy, chewing gum or as an essential oil.* It also has anti-viral characteristics, helps in gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), halitosis (bad breath) and also in headaches.*
  3. High Fiber Diet: This includes abundant amounts of wheat, oats, quinoa, corn, millet, brown rice, barley, fruits such as apples or pears, vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower, legumes, nuts and seeds. A wide variety of these foods should be included with every meal so the digestion process is easier for your body to handle.
  4. Omega-3-fatty acids: Our bodies are unable to manufacture the required amount of these and thus they can be derived from external sources like fish oil supplements or from freshly caught salmon, herring, or sardines. They’re all-rounder foods that are also recommended for those people with common digestive upsets.* Be sure to check out our Advasorb® DHA supplement, which has stronger antioxidant properties when compared to commonly taken fish oils.
  5. Probiotics: No digestive health conversation or article would ever be complete without mention of probiotics – only the most trending category in the digestive foods market today! Well reputed natural probiotics include yogurt, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), kimchi, Miso (Japanese fermented soybean paste), Kefir (a probiotic drink), sour pickle, and Tempeh (Indonesian fermented protein). They provide valuable vitamins, folic acid and friendly bacteria that help with common symptoms related to indigestion.
  6. Avocados: Not only are they highly nutritious but they are also absolutely delicious! Avocados provide plenty of fiber, vitamins, potassium (even more than bananas!) and magnesium, which can aid in digestion.* These unique fruits can be eaten in the form of guacamole or in the raw form to also help manage your weight.*
  7. Zucchini: This American summer squash is loaded with fiber and provides immense amounts of water, thus keeping your body hydrated throughout the day - enabling smooth digestion.* It can be eaten in the form of salad, pasta, noodles or soup.
  8. Fennel: Belonging to the same family as licorice, this perennial herb has a delightfully sweet smell and has been used ever since Egyptian, Chinese, Greek and Indian civilizations for a plethora of reasons like helping with bloating, stomach cramps and indigestion.* It is widely used in mouth fresheners, toothpastes, antacids and homemade culinary preparations.
  9. Papaya: This tropical fruit, probably originating from Mexico or Central America, is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes such as papain. It helps in flatulence issues, leaky gut and fungal growth issues in the GIT (gastrointestinal tract).* It itself, being a soft fruit, is not a difficult food to digest. The green papaya taken as a smoothie on an empty stomach is the most recommended form of papaya intake.
  10. Coconut oil: Just a spoonful of this powerful food can provide a bountiful of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These aid in warding off bad bacteria and parasites that cause indigestion.* This superfood can be added to things like yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or even popcorn!

These listed above are only few of the large number of healthy food options that can promote better digestion. Other foods include cucumber, kiwi, apples, prunes, blueberries, cumin, lemonade, bananas and beetroot. Add these to your diet to help your gut to feel happier!



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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