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Get on Trend with Turmeric!

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Turmeric has become a huge health trend over the past few years. However, there are still many people who don’t know what Turmeric is! And hold up – what’s the difference between turmeric and curcumin? In this blog we will be revealing why turmeric has been popping up everywhere recently and advise some ways to add turmeric to your diet.

Even though turmeric has been a hot topic lately – this spice is anything but novel! Turmeric has been used in traditional Asian cuisines and as a therapeutic spice in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Turmeric is a tropical plant that grows to be about 3 feet tall – the edible portion of the plant is a collection of rhizomes that grow underground. The flesh of turmeric is a bright orange/yellow color –this vibrate color is why turmeric was used as a clothing dye in traditional Indian and Nepalese cultures!

So why has turmeric suddenly become so popular?

Recent studies have shown that turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. The main component of interest in turmeric is Curcumin – curcumin is widely recognized for reducing inflammation in the body and can provide relief to arthritis pain and muscle soreness. By reducing inflammation and oxidation in the body, turmeric can improve many factors that contribute to cardiovascular health risks. It has even been shown that turmeric may be an effective treatment in fighting depression and boosting brain function.

One way to add turmeric to your diet is to cook with it! Here are 6 ways to cook with Turmeric:

  1. Add it to your eggs – spice up your scrambled eggs or frittata with a pinch of turmeric.
  2. Season your veggies – roasted veggies taste great with a sprinkle of turmeric.
  3. Put it on rice – a pot of plain rice can be dressed up with a dash of turmeric.
  4. Use it in soups – you can use turmeric to add warmth to a bowl of soup.
  5. Blend it into your smoothie – for smoothies, fresh turmeric root or a pinch of ground turmeric is a great addition.
  6. Make a turmeric tea – simmer a mix of turmeric with coconut milk and honey to make a golden milk tea!

Another way to jump on the turmeric bandwagon is to check out new health food products featuring this spice! Here are some products that we think are worth giving a try:

  • Turmeric tea – available in four flavors, these turmeric teas are caffeine-free so they make a great way to get a dose of turmeric at any time!
  • Turmeric dessert – indulge with these coconut turmeric chocolate clusters. These are a healthy choice that will make a great treat.
  • Turmeric energy bar – this organic bar has no added sugar and is packed with superfoods!
  • Turmeric crackers – this cracker can do no wrong! Is made with a blend of organic and gluten free ingredients.
  • Golden Milk – golden milk has been a big hit on social media lately. This company offers a bottled golden milk using organic coconut milk, definitely got the QOL stamp of approval.  

Try a supplement!

Adding turmeric to your diet can benefit your health, but this alone will not unlock the full potential of health benefits this spice has to offer.  To truly get all the healing power of turmeric you should look for a curcumin supplement. One thing to consider when choosing a curcumin supplement is bioavailability. This means how much of the ingredient can actually be absorbed by your body. Curcumin is notorious for lacking in bioavailability. That is why at QOL, we use a special technology that micronizes the curcumin particles allowing for superior absorption. Our Curcumin-SR uses MircoActive® technology so your body absorbs 10x more than regular curcumin. Our MicroActive® technology also delivers curcumin in a sustained release matrix over 12 hours.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting all the health benefits turmeric has to offer! We hope this blog inspires you to add some Turmeric to your diet!  Share this blog with your friends and family so they can increase their turmeric IQ and improve their overall health and quality of life!


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