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Get Rid of Bad Breath and Body Odor From the Inside with Deodorex!


We all have our very own unique scent. Just like our DNA, each and every one of us has a specific smell that actually makes us more special than we thought. It’s even how some of our furry friends recognize us.

There is scent and there is body odor and bad breath, and the latter are the two things we absolutely don’t want people remembering us for.

There are many natural ways to reduce body odor and bad breath and for the most part, they work. However, why settle for the usual tips and guides when you can use the latest in body deodorizing technology? We’re not talking about deodorants. No, those things only work on the outside. We’re talking about deodorizing your body from the inside.

You read that right. The root of all our odor problems come from the inside, so it’s only natural that you solve it from the inside, and we have the right product just for that. It’s called Deodorex®. a supplement formulated to help you get rid of those nasty smells produced by your body. *

How does Deodorex® work?

The secret to Deodorex’s® offensive smell erasing property is with a single ingredient called Champex.

Champex is a branded form of champignon extract, a compound derived from boiling the Agaricus bisporus mushroom also known as the champignon mushroom (tsukuritake in Japanese).

Champignon extract is known to react with putrid substances found in the gut. These putrid substances are identified as sulphur, ammonia, indole, phenol, and skatole. These substances are produced when the food we eat are decomposed by our gut microbes. Normally, these substances are excreted in the feces, but some are absorbed from the gut and can end up in the bloodstream. From there, they can then be expelled when we exhale or sweat, thus explaining how we emanate bad odor or bad breath.

When taken as a supplement regularly, champignon extract was found to reduce the levels of putrid substances in the gut as well as inhibit their production. It was then perceived that champignon extract can have foul odor neutralizing properties.

What benefits can I expect from taking Deodorex® regularly?

Deodorex® is designed to be a supplement that helps cleanse the bloodstream of odor-causing substances as well as reduce the body’s ability to produce them to normal levels. Therefore, some of the benefits of taking Deodorex® regularly include:

1. Better breath smell

The last thing you want your crush to notice is how your breath doesn’t exactly smell like fresh mint. Avoid awkward conversations with Deodorex®.

Deodorex® can help remove the substances that heavily contribute to bad breath. Specifically, Champex can help lower methyl mercaptan levels, the very substance known to cause that “bad breath” smell.

2. Reduced fecal odor

If you’re always worried about your waste smelling too much, especially after you use your friend’s bathroom or if you’re in a public restroom, Deodorex® might just help you.

Deodorex® has been found to reduce levels of indole, the very substance known to cause the foul odor in our waste.

3.    Neutralized body odor

You know how sometimes you exercise or you do some hard work and you notice people covering their nose when near you? It’s your ammonia content, specifically the ammonia in your bloodstream.

When your kidneys can’t handle the level of urea, the compound is then excreted in your sweat as ammonia. This might just be a dietary problem, but it doesn’t hurt to solve it with a supplement like Deodorex®.

Deodorex® directly reduces ammonia levels in the bloodstream, so when you sweat, you won’t be sweating that much bad odor out.

Deodorex® also helps your kidneys

Our kidneys work really hard to prevent toxic substance buildup, but when it can’t remove those substances on its own, it directs those foul odor-causing substances to other places where they can be excreted, like our lungs and bloodstream.

When you use Deodorex®, you will be doing your kidneys a favor by reducing the levels of these toxic substances which will then also help you out with your odor problems. It might also help the kidneys function better and stay healthy.


Bad breath, body odor, and foul fecal waste are all natural and part of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them. If you ever find yourself in awkward situations due to how you smell around people, let Deodorex® help you.

Deodorex® is especially formulated to combat bad breath, body odor, and even help the kidneys function better and stay healthy.

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