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Get Riding for National Bike Month


What is National Bike Month?

National Bike Month is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities across the U.S. Established in 1956, National Bike Month promotes the benefits of bicycling and encourages more people to bike as not only a form of exercise and fun, but an environmentally friendly alternative to commuting.

When is it?

National Bike Month is celebrated the entire month of May, but the biggest day of the month is Bike to Work Day. In 2019, Bike to Work Week will be May 13–19, with Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17.

How can I get involved?

Events are held in cities across the country, with Bike to Work Day being the biggest event of all. National Bike Month grows each year, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, from commuting challenges to biking adventures in the U.S. and internationally. Check your city or town’s events page and see if you can find an event near you!

If your commute to work is manageable, consider biking instead of driving. You’ll not only avoid the dreaded commuter traffic; you’ll also save money on gas and be environmentally friendly! You might even meet fellow cycling enthusiasts to share in on the experience.

How is bicycling good for my health?

Riding a bike, whether to work or for pleasure, is one of the best forms of exercise and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are five health benefits of cycling!

  1. It’s low impact

Cycling is a low impact exercise, which means it causes less strain on your body. It also causes far less injuries than most other forms of exercise.

  1. It’s a good muscle workout

Cycling exercises all the major muscle groups when you pedal, including your hamstrings and biceps.

  1. It’s easy

There’s a reason most kids learn how to ride a bike early on – it’s easy! Riding a bike isn’t rocket science, and once you learn, you’ll never forget.

  1. It’s fun

If you’re asking our honest opinion, cycling is fun. Riding through the great outdoors or even around the neighborhood gets you out of the stuffy confines of a gym. Add in a couple friends and increase the fun quotient even more.

  1. It builds up strength

The great thing about cycling is it can be as easy or as hard as you’d like. Whether you’re in search of a demanding workout or a peaceful ride, cycling increases your strength and stamina, two very important factors in your overall health.

What about spinning?

Mega popular spinning studios that are popping up have catapulted spinning onto the global stage. Spinning is a form of indoor cycling meant to build up endurance and strength through high-intensity cardio workouts. Usually to the beat of blaring music and led by an enthusiastic instructor, spinning classes are a fantastic way to tone up your muscles, decrease fat mass and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. The low impact nature of spinning is also great for older adults or those recovering from an injury. Devotees of spinning claim it even boosts their energy and mood.

National Bike Challenge

In addition to National Bike Month, you can also take part in the National Bike Challenge. According to the Love to Ride campaign, this nationwide event “unites thousands of new and existing bicyclists across the country in friendly competition designed to celebrate and encourage biking.” From May 1st to September 30th, registered individuals, social teams, workplaces or your local area can compete for free throughout the challenge for top spots on the NBC leaderboards. By taking part in the challenge, you are eligible to win bikes and all sorts of biking gear (not to mention bragging rights).

So what are you waiting for? Get riding!

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