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Going Inside Out for Beauty

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The wellness concept has risen steadily since the 1950s, thanks to the holistic health movement and broad interest from medical, academic, and corporate groups. As of 2014, global wellness is a $3.4 trillion industry, 3.4 times the size of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

Yet the roots of wellness began in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Asia. Starting with Ayurveda, this Hindu tradition purports that a harmonious body, mind, and spirit can prevent illness assisted by yoga and meditation.  

The holistic viewpoint believes many small components contribute to whole-body health. Wellness is an emotional state of mind, a physical reality, and a reflection of conscious choices we make to live a life of full potential. Since we are wired to gravitate to what looks healthy, healthy is beautiful.

Ergo, beauty is a visual indicator of peak physical health.

The skin makes up our body’s largest organ, interconnected with numerous internal organs and systems. To understand our actual state of being, internal physical and chemical health imbalances like toxin buildup, nutrient deficiencies, and inflammation that manifest on the skin must also be studied.

“Beauty from within” implies what we take in nutritionally will impact the look and feel of our hair, nails, and skin. Factors that affect wellness from the inside out include:

  • Stress. Higher hormone levels often result in acne and skin eruptions, tense muscles, thickened blood, digestive strain, and toxin buildup that ages skin.
  • Poor nutrition. Balanced consumption of vitamins and minerals keeps collagen production up and skin elastic. Sagging and loose skin and slow healing spots can indicate deficiencies.
  • Lack of exercise. Skin requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients pushed along by good circulation and supported by regular bouts of exercise.
  • Imbalanced bacteria. When harmful bacteria overtake good bacteria in the gut, the response can cause inflammations in the form of acne, puffiness, skin discoloration, and joint pain.
  • A toxic environment. Synthetic fragrances in household products, non-stick cookware coatings, plastics used for food and beverages, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and fats in consumables all pollute the home and our bodies.
  • Inadequate sleep. Cortisol levels increase, and collagen breakdown accelerates when one doesn’t get 7 to 8 hours of regular rejuvenating sleep.

Small lifestyle adjustments can turn things around. Consider QOL’s recommends the following supplements, these three products support healthy skin and restore glow. These supplements encourage circulation, balance the immunity system, and regulate the sleep-wake cycle to maximize sleep quality.

  • QOL Oligonol® promotes circulation and controls inflammation. Flow is vital for proper cardiovascular function, maintaining overall appearance and elasticity of the skin, and preventing muscle fatigue. Oligonol relaxes blood vessels, serves as a potent antioxidant to protect against free radical damage, and supports a healthy response to exercise-induced inflammation.

This proprietary blend of low-molecular-weight polyphenol originates from lychee fruit skin and pulp, and green tea leaf extract. With a small molecular size, it is easy to absorb and offers unmatched bioavailability. Oligonol reduces wrinkles and brown spots, increases endurance, reduces visceral (belly) fat, and supports cardiovascular health.

  • QOL Exequel™ balances cytokines to help clarify and soothe dry, sensitive skin. A strain of heat-sterilized lactobacillus acidophilus cells comprises the patented powder known as L-92®. Exequel reduces redness, may help build collagen, hydrate skin, reduce sun damage, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

L-92 brings a balance to chemical messengers that reside in the gut biome called cytokines. Effectively, this prevents overreactions of the immune system, relieves allergy symptoms, and delivers support for clear, soothing, and healthy skin.

  • QOL Melatonin-SR™ helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle to achieve better sleep. This formula differs significantly from the competition for its use of patent-pending technology. An initial burst of melatonin means one can fall asleep quickly. The remaining 60 percent of melatonin is released over seven hours, effecting a full night’s rest.

Melatonin is a highly researched natural remedy to manage occasional sleeplessness. However, it leaves the body rather quickly. Since micronized melatonin remains in the body longer, repair and recovery can take place. Fewer wrinkles, brighter eyes and complexion, and an overall healthier appearance are the result.

Our bodies respond to complex interrelationships among the brain, gut, heart, lungs, and more. Beauty truly starts from within if we are to achieve the glow of good health.

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