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Happy Arbor Day: Check Out These 5 Arbor Day Activities

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Deforestation is a worldwide issue. In fact, by 2030 we might only have 10% of rainforests left and they may even disappear in the next hundred years. You might be wondering why this is such a huge concern – climate change, that’s why. Tropical deforestation is the 2nd biggest contributor of climate change. In addition, a world without trees causes a loss of habitat for 70% of the world’s plants and animal species.

Hey, you might live in a big city but deforestation could still affect you. Areas that have been deforested are prone to flooding due to the absence of tree roots to hold the soil down. Erosion also causes contaminants in the soil to make their way into our water supply – contaminating streams, lakes, and other water sources. Thus decreasing the quality of our drinking water.

Although humans are a big cause of deforestation – humans can also be the change. So this Arbor Day go out, plant a tree, and raise awareness. You may be wondering, how can one celebrate Arbor Day? Well we’ve got you covered. Check out these Arbor Day activities

  1. Plant a tree. Search for a good planting site, pick out a tree, and start planting – it’s that easy!
  2. Clean up. Get a few friends together, head to your local park, and begin cleaning up the area. You might even encourage others to join.
  3. Get educated. Go to a local park and catch up on some reading, particularly about trees and the environment. Getting educated is the first step in making a change.
  4. Volunteer. Try volunteering at a local organization that promotes environmental awareness.
  5. Raise awareness. Make sure to raise awareness about the cause and day by sharing pictures of your Arbor Day activities with friends. Also, be sure to share this blog on Facebook and encourage others to join the fun.

No matter what you do just make sure you are out raising awareness on the importance and meaning behind Arbor Day. And remember Arbor Day isn’t just a day to plan trees – it is a day dedicated on the importance of trees and the environment all year round.

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