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Happy National French Fry Day!


Happy Friday and happy Fry Day! Every year on July 13th we celebrate National French Fry Day! Since your health and happiness are our main concern at QOL we want to help you to celebrate this occasion in a healthy way. In this blog we will be sharing a few of our favorite healthy French fry recipes. P.S.  some of these recipes substitute vegetables for traditional potatoes – but they are so delicious you and your family won’t even know how healthy they are!

Traditional French fries are almost unrecognizable from their original potato form. First we start by removing the skin which is actually one of the healthiest parts of the potato. From there the slices are dipped in oil, fried and covered in salt – this process turns a healthy food into something that is very unhealthy for us. Not only are traditional French fries high in sodium, but they can also contain sugar and trans fat.  This salty snack can be linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more health issues!

This year your QOL health gurus have curated a list of our favorite healthy alternatives! Try whipping one of these up as a side dish tonight – or go all out and organize a French fry swap with your friends or colleagues.

  1. Butternut Squash Fries – these fries are rich in vitamins, fiber, and have anti-inflammatory properties! The best part is a serving will only set you back 285 calories.
  2. Crispy Baked Avocado Fries – do we have to say more? These delicious fries are high in protein and contain very little saturated fat!
  3. Grilled Carrot Fries – carrots are nutrient dense and low calorie. This recipe also includes a zesty dipping sauce. You can make these with canola oil or mix things up with grapeseed oil – Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  4. Baked Portobello Mushroom Fries – these mushroom fries are super easy to make – and way too healthy to pass on!
  5. Yucca Fries –this healthy swap is anything but yuck – a!
  6. Crispy Zucchini Fries – the only thing standing between you and these low carb fries are 5 simple ingredients!
  7. Skinny Oven Fries – alright you didn’t think we would completely leave out the potato! This healthy version is vegan and only contains 4 ingredients.
  8. Baked Cauliflower Fries – since we can turn cauliflower into rice and pizza – why not turn it into fries too!
  9. Sweet Potato Fries – sweet potatoes have fewer calories than white potatoes – one serving of these sweet fries will only cost you 115 calories.
  10. Parsnip Fries – it isn’t every day we get to cook with parsnip! Try out this recipe - it is both yummy and low calorie!

Now you didn’t think we were going to forget the ketchup did you? Regular ketchup is packed with refined sugar and other additives that can completely ruin your efforts to be healthy in just one dip! Try this healthy homemade ketchup recipe instead.

Make sure to share this blog with your friends and family so they can enjoy a healthy Fry day too!

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