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Celebrate World Health Day!


Every year on April 7th we celebrate World Health Day! To honor this day your QOL family would like to share with you some information you may not know about World Health Day, the World Health Organization, and some fun facts about your health and nutrition April 7th was designated World Health Day because it was the day that the World Health Organization came into force on April 7th 1948. Today – the World Health Organization is more than 7000 people working in 150 country offices, in 6 regional offices and at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The primary role of the World Health Organization is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations’ system. Their main areas of work are: health systems, promoting health through the life-course, no communicable diseases, communicable diseases, corporate services, preparedness, surveillance and response. In honor of their 70th anniversary this year, we wanted to share with you some fun facts and tips about your health and nutrition so that you can celebrate your health every day!

  • Eating breakfast everyday can help you maintain a healthy weight - oatmeal, Greek yogurt, or fresh fruit are some great breakfast choices you can eat daily!
  • Read the labels on the foods you eat and buy – it is important to know what you are putting in your body.
  • Taking the stairs is an easy way to fit more exercise into your day!
  • Salads are an excellent way to fill up – aim to eat at least one salad per day.
  • Adding any type of movement into your daily routine can increase your level of overall health and wellbeing – many household chores can double as a sneaky workout.
  • Make small talk - adding in 10 minutes of daily chatter appears to improve mental function and preserve memory.
  • Find friendly fungi – medical mushrooms are a natural way to combat many ailments. One example of a friendly fungus is our AHCC®!
  • Wash up – to fend off colds make sure you are washing your hands well and often with plain soap and water.
  • Sip green tea – green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can also increase your metabolism. Some people believe green tea can also rev up your workouts – give it a try!
It is important to remember that no matter how poor your current level of health and fitness may be, you can start an exercise routine and become fitter and healthier at any time!

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