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Head Back to School with a Healthy Immune System

School is almost back in session! Are you prepared? Your immune health is critical whether you are a college student, work in education, or have young children in grade school.

Many health threats circulate through schools each year. We have compiled some tips to help you crush this school year with a healthy immune system. You can give your immune system the best tools to defend your health by following this back-to-school guide.

Wash Your Hands

One essential habit for keeping germs at bay is washing your hands frequently while you are at school. Hundreds of students and teachers alike have touched most surfaces in schools.

You are likely exposed to thousands of germs and bacteria if you are around young children all day. Ensure you wash your hands before touching your face or eating food. These are prime opportunities for health threats to take over.

Get Plenty of Rest

Your immune system relies on sleep to function correctly. While you are asleep each night, your body produces beneficial cells and repairs damage that happened during the day.

When you don't get enough sleep, your immune system functions at a lower level, which means health threats can get into your body and take over more easily. You don't have time to miss class, so make sure you get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night.

It's a good idea to start adjusting your sleep schedule a few weeks before school starts. This will give your immune system plenty of time to rest and repair itself before you're back in the classroom. Additionally, it will be easier to wake up on time if you get used to a restful sleep schedule now.

Pack Fruits and Vegetables for Lunch

Skip the fried foods and sugar and choose fruits and veggies for your lunchbox instead. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and beneficial nutrients for your immune system. Antioxidants combat free radical damage in your body, giving your immune system more resources to fight against health threats.

Fruits and vegetables also contain nutrients like vitamin C and zinc, which give your immune system a powerful boost when it comes to staying healthy. Pack healthy lunches to enjoy a robust immune system all school year long.

Take AHCC® Immune Health Supplements

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AHCC® Gold

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AHCC® Platinum

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This intermediate-level AHCC® supplement is one of our most popular supplements. If you want to step up your immune health, AHCC® Platinum is the way to go.*


Each 300-milligram softgel of AHCC® Rx is equivalent to one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®. This is our most concentrated AHCC® supplement.

If you frequently struggle with health complications and want to stay protected in school, AHCC® Rx is the supplement for you.* This concentrated AHCC® product could work wonders for your immune system function.*

Manage Your Stress

This advice seems simple, but it can be tough to manage stress effectively. When you are under a lot of mental stress, your physical health starts to suffer, and your immune system cannot work as efficiently when you have a lot of stress in your life. To combat school worries, try one of these stress relief techniques.


Meditation, sometimes known as mindfulness, helps you relax and focus on the present moment. Even just five minutes of meditation can calm and regulate your nervous system in high-stress situations.

To meditate, all you have to do is observe your thoughts without judgment. Let your thoughts flow freely without trying to stop them. Many people practice deep breathing while they meditate to relax further.


Physical activity is very effective at reducing stress. School can feel overwhelming, and there's no better way to get out your frustrations than through exercise.

Weight lifting, cardio, and stretching are all great ways to release physical and mental tension. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. This is a healthy amount of physical activity for the average adult.


Writing out your feelings can give your brain a break from focusing on schoolwork. Some people like to write out their negative emotions on a piece of paper and then tear up the paper. This is a good release for feelings of stress, frustration, and sadness.

Don't bottle up your feelings; instead, allow yourself to feel them and express them through writing.

Keep a Planner

Planners are back-to-school essentials for a good reason. You will feel less stressed if you keep track of your assignments, deadlines, due dates, and activities.

Your planner keeps all of your responsibilities in one place so you can manage your time responsibly. You are more likely to keep up with tasks when you can see them clearly in one place. Choose colorful designs, pens, and stickers to make keeping a planner more fun.

Care for Your Immune System with Quality of Life

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