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Healthy Activities to do on Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is way more than just turkey and mashed potatoes – it is also a great time to do healthy activities with your loved ones. You should make the most of this time together by planning some healthy activities.

Participating in Thanksgiving activities is also a great way to combat those extra calories you will be consuming on this day – the average adult consumes 3,000 calories and 229 g of fat in one Thanksgiving meal. Yikes! All those calories add up… the average American's weight rose 0.2 percent during the Thanksgiving holiday. Since your health is our main concern at QOL we created a quick guide of healthy thanksgiving activities that will get you up and moving this Turkey Day.

Try to plan one or all of these activities:

  1. Volunteer together – use the site Volunteer Match to get connected with Thanksgiving Day volunteer opportunities right in your own backyard. Soup kitchens are always in need around the holidays.
  2. Family football game – have a friendly family football game outside. If football isn’t your thing, any sport works! Even a game of Frisbee can be fun to play as a family on Thanksgiving.
  3. Scavenger hunt – put together a scavenger hunt in your backyard or neighborhood.
  4. Run a turkey trot – participate in a local turkey trot, most of these runs are scheduled for early Thanksgiving morning. This is a great way to kick off your holiday and get some exercise in before eating thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Go for a hike – find a local trail and go for a pre-meal hike with your friends and family!
  6. Play indoor games – board games are a great indoor activity that will get your Thanksgiving crowd talking, laughing and creating new memories!

Don’t forget to round up all the troops – invite friends, neighbors, or anyone who you think might love to get involved with a thanksgiving activity. Have them bring their families – the more the merrier!

We hope that you get a chance to do some of these fun activities this Thanksgiving, and make it the best and more active Thanksgiving yet!

Share this blog with your loved ones so they can plan some healthy activities for Thanksgiving too!


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