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Healthy Comfort Foods


The holidays are over – but winter is still in full swing! For many of us this means dealing with cold weather. Something about cold weather always makes us crave comfort foods. Unfortunately, traditional comfort foods are packed with calories and fat!

At QOL we don’t think you should have to sacrifice comfort for health, so we put together a list of healthy comfort foods that you can enjoy guilt free!

Mac and cheese – this is a staple comfort food, but can also be a calorie bomb. Try this healthy mac and cheese instead! This recipe has less than 250 calories per serving. Maybe you are feeling more adventurous? Try this cauliflower mac and cheese – it is the ultimate healthy mac and cheese featuring cauliflower and nutritional yeast!

Grilled cheese and tomato soup – we all love this combo! Traditional tomato soup is loaded with sodium, try this healthier version of the duo that uses low sodium beef broth and whole wheat bread.

Stuffed potatoes – shrimp are packed with protein and low in calories! This Cajun stuffed potato recipe features Yukon gold potatoes and shrimp. Give it a try!

Chili – nothing beats a bowl of warm chili on a cold winter night – this healthy turkey chili recipe is hearty and delicious!

Corn bread – we found the perfect healthy cornbread recipe! Not only is this healthy cornbread gluten free, but it is also low fat, low calorie and low sugar!

Sweet potato and black bean quesadilla – whip up a batch of these healthy quesadillas! Sweet potatoes are known to offer many health benefits. You can enjoy this meal knowing that you are eating something that will greatly benefit your body.

Healthy homemade pizza – nothing says comfort like homemade pizza! We found this healthy cauliflower pizza crust that uses just 5 ingredients. Whip this up and load it up with healthy toppings!

Spice cake – now you didn’t think we would forget dessert! Try this healthy spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The healthy secret about this cake is that it features applesauce and carrot juice!

We hope you love these healthy comfort food recipes as much as we do. Now what are you waiting for… go get cooking! Try one or all of these recipes.

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