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Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts!

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Valentine's Day is here, did you remember to get your valentine a gift? The best way to show someone you love them is to take care of their health. 

Chocolates are a valentine's Day classic, but they are calorie, sugar, and fat bombs! Instead, buy your loved ones a valentine's day gift that promotes health.

We created a gift guide for healthy options! Check this out: 

  1. A new workout outfit! Luxury athleisure brands are a hot trend that makes great gift options for the gym junkies or people who like to run their errands in leggings. Shop at Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Koral, or Ultracor. 
  2. A trendy meal subscription! Sakara life is a luxury plant-based meal delivery service. These meals are rather costly and highly coveted by health and wellness gurus. 
  3.  A new appliance. I know this isn't exactly romantic, but many kitchen appliances can be used for you and your sweetheart to cook together, which we think is romantic! Some ideas, a frozen yogurt machine, air fryer, a blender, or bread machine. 
  4. Healthy jewelry. Check out this list of fitness trackers that look like jewelry. Or shop the Oura ring, which is a sleep tracker! 
  5. If you must do chocolates, here is a healthy option. That's It! made a box of chocolates that only has 440 calories! 
  6. Reusable water bottles are very trendy! S'well is one brand that has a bunch of great options. Another hot brand is bkr.
  7. Workout credits! Boutique fitness classes such as SLT, Soul Cycle, Barry's Bootcamp and Orangtheory are pricy and class credits are highly valued to people who enjoy working out. Buy a five pack to one of these studios for your valentine!  
  8. Supplements! Quality of Life supplements makes a great Valentine's Day gift! What could be a better way to say, 'I Love You'. 

Share this guide with our friends and family so they can give the gift of health this Valentine's Day! 

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