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Healthy Valentine's Day Date Ideas!


'Dinner and a movie' is played out! 

Valentine's Day dates should make you and your loved one feel good - not stuffed and weighed down by heavy pasta dinners and over-the-top desserts. 

These things are both great to enjoy in moderation, but if health is your primary concern right now, we have health-conscious options for you.

In 2020 we are all about being the best version of ourselves! Don't let a holiday be your setback. There are many healthy date options you can enjoy this Valentine's Day! 

  1. Take a hike - If you live near a mountainous area that offers hiking trails, go for a romantic walk. Pack a picnic, including some Valentine's Day trail mix! 
  2. Go Ice Skating - find an indoor or outdoor rink near you! 
  3. Workout together! When you exercise, you release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. Working out with your significant other can be extremely healthy for your relationship. Try a spin or yoga class! 
  4. See a movie but skip the treats! Go to the movie theater but skip the popcorn and candy. Prepare healthy snacks and bring them in your bag. Here are some of our favorites! 
  5. Volunteer together - walk shelter dogs or volunteer time at a soup kitchen. Giving back feels good, and when you can do it with your loved one, you will both feel good! 
  6. Go to the spa. Find a local spa and book couples' treatments. These offer many health benefits and doing them with your significant other promotes bonding. 
  7. Cook a healthy meal together. Scour the internet for healthy and fun recipes. Hit the grocery store, prepare the meal, and watch a movie together at home. Here are 25 healthy(ish) valentine's day desserts. 
  8. Take a class together - pottery, painting, poetry, or acting are all fun choices. Search Groupon for deals! 
  9. If you love eating out, search online for healthy, vegan, or vegetarian restaurants in your area, if it is possible, walk there! 

We hope you enjoy Valentine's Day with your loved ones! And don't worry if you are single on Valentine's Day; you can spend this day with friends or family members! 

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