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Here's the Perfect Playlist for Your Fall Workouts

Fall is the perfect time to design a solid workout routine that can carry you through the colder seasons. And one tip we have for getting the best workouts this autumn is setting the mood with the right music. Since you'll be doing the heavy lifting in the gym, we took it upon ourselves to help you out by putting together the perfect playlist. 

Autumn-Themed Songs

In the fall, life seems to slow down a bit. Everyone packs their summer clothes and transitions to cozy campfires and apple cider. That's all well and good when you're trying to relax, but how can you get energized to leave a warm couch and Netflix and get your workout done? We have put together a few songs that can help.

"Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood 

This song has grunge undertones but is fast-paced, making it the perfect choice for your fall workout. The lyrics mention the changing temperatures and bringing out sweaters- something we all associate with the autumn season. As you run past colorful trees with gloomy clouds in the sky, you will feel the fall vibes with this song.

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day

This song is a well-known classic by the popular band Green Day. The song's theme is about changes in the fall, leaving the lead singer wishing for better days. While the message is complex, this song will empower you to keep changing for the better by making healthy choices. Your workout playlist will benefit from this addition.

"Harvest Time" by Luke Bryan

This melody by Luke Bryan adds a country flair to your fall workout playlist. It will remind you of all the fun, cozy things about fall, like spending time with loved ones, the harvest of fruits and vegetables, and campfires. If you live in a rural area or grew up playing outside, this song will remind you of the great outdoor times you have in autumn. If you are looking for a fun, uplifting addition to your fall workout playlist, this song is a great option. 

"Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo's song brings up mixed emotions for those who have a fall romance brewing. It makes for a great exercise song because of the uplifting beat and keeps your mind occupied. Your workout will become an activity of deep thought if you add this song to your fall exercise playlist. 

"Coffee and TV" by Blur

"Coffee and TV" has an odd eccentricity to it. That is what makes it a great choice to pair with moving your body. The beat is funky and fun, making it a great song to put on during your cardio sessions. This song is for you if you want to get into the autumn headspace while sweating out your problems. 

"A Little More Summertime" by Jason Aldean

Do you feel like you already miss summer? This song by Jason Aldean brings the summertime nostalgia in high quantities. The repetitive rhythm makes it a good candidate for your fall workout playlist. You can reminisce about your summer fun while you work for your next summer physique. 

"The Bird And The Worm" by Owl City

Owl City is known for its lighter tunes that boost the mood no matter where you are listening from. This song reminds you of achieving your biggest goals alongside the one you love. If you love tunes about the pursuit of love and want to add a spring to your step, this song is the perfect choice for you. Add it to your fall playlist to bring some positivity into your sweat session. 

Fall Podcasts

Some people prefer to listen to podcasts while they complete a workout. Podcasts can teach you a lot about new subjects, especially when combined with the brain-boosting effects of exercise. If you are interested in learning about cool new topics, your playlist needs some good talk programs. 

Susan Calman's Mrs. Brightside

The Mrs. Brightside podcast brings up important issues related to mental health. Many people struggle especially hard around the fall and winter months. If you or a loved one have ever faced a long journey with mental health struggles, this podcast will shed some light on how to handle life's biggest challenges. Everyone can benefit from learning more about mental health in this ever-changing world. 

Home Cooking 

If you are looking for new fall recipes, Home Cooking is a great autumn podcast to get into. As you burn off the holiday bloat, you can listen to hilarious anecdotes and useful recipes with hosts Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway. Perhaps you will even find your new signature holiday dish to bring to family functions. 

Add to Cart

This podcast is all about financial investments and shopping. The hosts will take you on an analytical journey to determine what products are all of the rage and which ones are not worth the hype. Best of all, you can listen while you improve your health with regular workouts. As you approach the holiday shopping season, this podcast can be your gift guide for the loved ones in your life, too. 

The Book Review

If you are a reader, you know that fall and winter are peak novel seasons. You get stuck inside as the weather grows brisk and the holidays approach. If you want to keep up on the latest high-rated novels, The Book Review is a great podcast to work out with. 

Boost Your Fall Workouts

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