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Hot Subscriptions for March

Our subscription sale is coming up! Which popular QOL subscriptions will you choose?

Key Takeaways:

  • We are holding a massive subscription sale this March!
  • Some of our most well-loved supplements will be a fraction of their normal prices when you subscribe during our sale
  • Check out supplements for sleep, immunity, and mood during our March subscription sale

Subscribe to your favorite supplements during our March sale to get the most bang for your buck!

Table of Contents:

  1. Our March Subscription Sale Is Coming Up!
  2. The Benefits of Supplement Subscriptions
  3. Boost Your Immunity with AHCC® Supplements*
  4. Healthy Aging and Circulation: Oligonol®*
  5. Get Restful Sleep By Taking Restwelle™*
  6. PureBalance™ Serotonin: Regulate Your Mood and Appetite*
  7. Shop Our March Sale to Boost Your Health

Our March Subscription Sale Is Coming Up!

During our hot subscription sale for the month of March, a few of our most popular health products will be discounted. This discount means you can get routine delivery of our wellness products for a fraction of the price!

Why should you choose Quality of Life supplement subscriptions? What can they add to your life?

The Benefits of Supplement Subscriptions

Subscribing to your favorite Quality of Life supplements makes your life easier in many ways. 

We offer subscriptions for each supplement in intervals of 15, 30, 60, and 90 days. This means you can tailor your subscription plan to suit your and your family’s needs. 

Once you subscribe, all you have to do is wait for your supplements to show up at your doorstep. This takes the hassle out of supplement shopping; you don’t have to remember to log on and order them. 

Along with saving time and hassle, our March subscription sale offers significant discounts. 

You already save 10% when you choose to subscribe at any time of the year. Our March subscription sale offers even more savings, so you can focus on other expenses without compromising your health. 

You may be more likely to take your supplements as directed if you know they will be delivered at regular intervals. You won’t have to ration or “save up” supplements — you can just take them every day!

Health and wellness should be accessible to everyone. At Quality of Life, we want to make your supplements as convenient and affordable as possible. 

Here are some of the best products to choose from during our March subscription sale

Boost Your Immunity with AHCC® Supplements* 

AHCC® is a patented form of mushroom root extract. This powerful immune-boosting ingredient works wonders for keeping you healthy year-round.* 

AHCC® works by increasing the quantity and activity of specialized immune cells.* Your immune cells are your body’s frontline defense against foreign health threats.

When you take AHCC® for immune support, you get the following benefits: 

  • Peak natural killer cell activity*
  • Increased numbers of dendritic cells* 
  • Optimal macrophage activity*
  • Healthy T-cell activity*
  • Increased resistance to immune threats*

These immune system functions are essential for keeping the “bad guys” out of your system. With our AHCC® supplements, your immune system gets an extra boost every day.* 

We offer three different AHCC® supplement options: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of this innovative ingredient per capsule. This is our beginner-level immunity supplement.* 

For those who do not often deal with circulating health threats or large groups of people, AHCC® Gold is a perfect option.

AHCC® Platinum is a medium-strength immunity supplement containing 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule.* This supplement offers the same therapeutic support for your immune system at a slightly higher dose.*

If you regularly deal with health threats, children, or large groups of people, AHCC® Pro is the supplement for you. This is our most concentrated form of AHCC®; one 300-milligram softgel is equivalent to one regular 500-milligram capsule. 

Once you identify which AHCC® supplement is best for you, you can plan to subscribe and save this March!

Healthy Aging and Circulation: Oligonol®*

Oligonol® is our premium anti-aging and circulatory health supplement.* This product offers a wide variety of benefits for your body.* 

We formulated Oligonol® with lychee fruit and green tea extract. These ingredients have been shown to improve skin health, circulation, and more.* 

Oligonol® combats brown spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.* You can achieve smoother, more youthful skin by taking Oligonol® as directed.* 

This circulatory health supplement also improves blood flow to all areas of your body.* It accomplishes this by relaxing your blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and other nourishing compounds to travel throughout your body.* 

Some studies suggest that Oligonol® can reduce belly fat, improve endurance during exercise, and combat fatigue.* The anti-aging benefits seem endless with Oligonol®!*

Oligoderm™ is our sister supplement that contains a therapeutic dose of Oligonol®. This supplement brightens your complexion, combats aging, and reduces redness and scaly patches.*

Subscribe to Oligonol® to save money during our March subscription sale

Get Restful Sleep by Taking Restwelle™*

If you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling energized, Restwelle™ is the supplement for you. 

Restwelle™ contains asparagus stalk extract that has been treated with enzymes. This extract releases the same proteins that relax your body when you take a hot bath.* 

Because of its heat shock protein release, Restwelle™ helps you feel soothed and ready for bed at night.* 

Restwelle™ also contains a sustained-release form of melatonin to ensure that you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long.* 

If you want to get more restful sleep this spring, subscribe to Restwelle™ and save during our March sale!

PureBalance™ Serotonin: Regulate Your Mood and Appetite*

When your serotonin levels are off, your immunity, sleep, appetite, and mood all change. Even minuscule changes in your serotonin levels can lead to unpleasant symptoms. 

PureBalance™ Serotonin boosts serotonin levels in your brain using 5-HTP, the chemical building block for serotonin.* When you take PureBalance™ Serotonin, you can restore your normal sleep, mood, and appetite.* 

PureBalance™ Serotonin provides the following benefits:

  • Positive moods*
  • Less stress-eating*
  • Improved immunity*
  • Better sleep*
  • Stress relief*
  • Better weight management*

If you struggle with any of these problems, PureBalance™ Serotonin can help you get back on track.* 

Subscribe to PureBalance™ Serotonin during our March subscription sale to reap the benefits of this amazing supplement!

Shop Our March Sale to Boost Your Health

This March, shop our supplement subscription sale to get a head start on your health and wellness journey. Boost your well-being while saving money this spring!

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