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How Can You Reset Your Body After Overdoing it on Candy?

There are some days when our sweet tooths get the best of us. Other times, a holiday or special occasion (like Halloween, for example) will send our sugar intake through the roof! But don’t worry! The human body is an incredible mechanism that can handle more than you might imagine. 


Our systems make all sorts of adjustments when we eat excessive amounts of sugar. If you know what to do, you can reset your body and get back on track fast. 

What Does Sugar Do to the Body?

Sugar does more than just taste delicious. It directly affects brain chemistry, creating effects that are mentally and physically appealing.


Eating candies with high sugar content gives the brain the go-ahead to begin boosting dopamine levels. Dopamine is a hormone that makes a person experience a sense of well-being or happiness.


The sense of euphoria created by released dopamine works in tandem with the extra energy that sugar produces. The result is a short period where a person experiences hyperactivity.


Unfortunately, the sugar high is notoriously followed by a sugar crash. This crash happens when insulin levels are forced to rise as sugar is removed from the blood and turned into energy. When this happens, the hormone leptin decreases. Leptin is the body’s natural appetite suppressant.


As leptin levels fall, a person may find cravings for candy and sugar continue. However, the greater the excess sugar introduced, the greater the crash in the end. As hormone levels return to normal after a sugar binge, fatigue and lethargy quickly follow.


A sugar crash is rather unpleasant compared to the euphoric effects experienced during a sugar high. It leaves many people wondering what they can do to reset their bodies after overdoing the candy.


The good news is it’s possible. The following are just a few tips to consider when you’re looking to get back on track with your healthy ways after overindulging in those sweets.


Get Out and Take a Walk

No, the idea of getting out and getting fresh air may not sound like the most appealing idea after an overindulgence of candy. However, it’s one of the best things you can do to reset.


There’s no need to start with an hour of cardio or head to a CrossFit class. Instead, a simple walk around the block can do wonders for getting your body back to a good place after a sugar rush.


Even a short walk can help burn energy, get the blood moving through the body, and enhance your mood. It’s important to encourage your muscles to use the blood sugar in the body instead of storing it at this point.


Yes, you’re going to be tempted to nap the day after a candy binge, but this will only make it harder to restore the body to its natural energy levels. Try swapping out elevators for stairs the day after instead. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a quicker recovery.


Drink Plenty of Water

Another effective and simple way to wipe the proverbial sugar slate clean is to get serious about your water intake. Rehydrating the body is an excellent strategy for balancing out levels and hormones that have been out of whack due to excessive sugar consumption.


For an extra health boost, consider mixing in some lemon slices. Lemon is highly cleansing to the system. It can effectively flush toxins and provide vitamin C when it’s needed most.


Stick with a Strategic Breakfast

Your gut takes a hit when you indulge in a tremendous amount of sugar. Harmful bacteria build up more quickly, which can lead to more sugar cravings.


The antidote to this is rebalancing blood sugars by emphasizing a strategic breakfast the next day. Avoid anything extra heavy and lean towards breakfast items that are light instead. 


Pineapple is an excellent choice as it’s a fruit known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Consider pairing this with spinach, which is rich in fiber and natural vitamins.


Whatever you put on your plate in the morning, you’ll want to focus on low-carb and low-sugar options. These types of food have more protein and healthy fats that provide long-lasting energy instead of temporary bursts. Peanut butter, apple slices, a veggie omelet, and hummus all fall into this category.


Integrate Helpful Supplements into Your Diet

Going overboard with candy happens from time to time. However, successfully resetting the system often requires providing your body with a boost. This boosting is most effectively done by incorporating some helpful supplements into your post-sugar-rush diet.


Curcumin-SR™ is a good choice during these times! The turmeric integrated into this supplement can be highly beneficial for helping your body mount a proper inflammatory response.*


AHCC® Kinoko Platinum or gold is a great supplement to consider if you are worried about how your immune system is holding up. Available in various forms, AHCC® is a specialty mushroom extract that can significantly benefit your immune response!*


Avoid Coffee and Dairy

While that daily cup of coffee inevitably looks tempting when you’re feeling tired after a sugar crash, it’s best to avoid caffeine altogether when you’re trying to reset your body. 


Dairy can make it difficult for a recovering body to digest. Additionally, the caffeine found in coffee can force your liver to work harder than it should. It also raises acidity levels which can make a recovery slower.

Give Your Body the Healthy Boost It Needs

While overdoing it on candy can happen to anyone, the trick to getting back on track lies in knowing how to treat your body following a setback. Giving your body the time and attention it needs to heal will only benefit you in the long run! 


Implementing helpful supplements, making the most of light exercise, and drinking plenty of water are all simple and effective ways to get back to wellness

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