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How Cogni-Q can give you a Brain Boost

The world is slowly getting back up on its feet after what seems like a long run of being paused. With things going back to normal, we're starting to see schools reopening and having actual classes, and the people who have been missing the feeling of an actual office will finally get to return to their cubicles.

Recent events have taken a toll on our health, especially mental health. It would be terrible if you were to go back to school or work feeling stressed out or just not mentally up for the challenge. For this reason, we recommend our best-selling nootropic Cogni-Q.

What is Cogni-Q?

Cogni-Q is a nootropic supplement formulated to help promote long-term brain health. The formula can help improve memory, focus, and overall cognition, hence the product's name. Most importantly, Cogni-Q can be great for preventing brain health problems related to aging.*

What's inside Cogni-Q?

The critical ingredient in Cogni-Q is Angelicas gigas Nakai extract as INM-176. Yes, just one ingredient because we believe in quality over quantity. Not to mention many of the conventional nootropic ingredients out in the market have side effects that can cause long-term damage, and that's not what Cogni-Q is all about.

So, why did we pick INM-176? The following are the known brain benefits associated with INM-176:

  • Protects against toxins and other harmful chemicals that may negatively change the way our brain functions*
  • For people who have problems with memory retention, INM-176 has been seen as a potential treatment option.*
  • INM-176 has been cited to help your brain mount a proper inflammatory response.*
  • INM-176 is a powerful antioxidant and can help slow down signs of brain aging.*

When you take Cogni-Q, you are effectively helping your brain stay alert and retain more, whether you are in the board room or classroom. More importantly, the benefits extend beyond school or office hours, offering long-term brain health benefits.*


We may never truly go back to the way things were, but we can do our best to be prepared for every challenge our brain takes on. A healthy and happy brain leads to a healthy and happy life, so do the most you can to protect grey matter between your ears.

There are many ways to boost brain health and function, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and better sleeping habits. Fill in the gaps with clinically tested supplements, such as Cogni-Q.

Cogni-Q helps with memory retention, focus, stress, and long-term brain health whether you're a student or someone working a 9-5.* All it takes is one serving or two capsules a day!

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