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How it’s Made: QOL Supplements!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite QOL supplements are made? Well, here at Quality of Life, we are obsessed with quality and take pride in making the quality choice at every juncture of production, so we are proud to share this process with you. 

First, we must ensure that our supplement formulas work. We do this by implementing the most stringent research standards. Our Research & Development team combs through independently conducted human clinical studies to assess which ingredients work and which one don't. In fact, every ingredient in every QOL product is validated by human clinical studies. A human clinical study is when a scientist tests a hypothesis on human subjects and is considered the gold standard of scientific research. 

Once the ingredients have been shown to work in humans to treat specific conditions, we then source the best forms of those ingredients on a case-by-case basis. For example, we search for the most bioavailable forms for each individual vitamin and mineral, and we determine which botanical ingredients need unique sustained release technology to increase their absorption and utilization.

When it comes time to manufacture, all our products are made in GMP-certified plants. In other words, facilities that meet the Good Manufacturing Practices established by the U.S. FDA. This ensures five key elements:

  1. Identity, meaning each ingredient listed on the label is in the product.
  2. Purity, meaning the product is free of microbes.
  3. Limits on contaminants, meaning the product meets strict criteria for minimally low levels of heavy metals and pesticides.
  4. Strength, or potency, meaning each ingredient matches 100 percent of what's on the label.
  5. Composition, meaning the formula as a whole matches what's on the label.

If you notice underneath the Supplement Facts box on every supplement bottle, you'll see a line called "other ingredients." These are the ingredients the manufacturer adds to either hold the tablet together or make sure the ingredients don't stick to the manufacturing equipment. Our "other ingredients" are made from natural sources like vegetable cellulose, rice flour, and cornstarch.

Next, it's time for testing...

We test our finished products to make sure the active ingredients are present in the amounts stated on the label and that they disintegrate at the right time, along with stability testing, and extensive analyses to guard against heavy metals, harmful microbes, pesticides, and more! 

Once the testing has been completed, your supplements are bottled in amber glass bottles and metal caps with minimizes the exposure to degrading effects of moisture, oxygen, and light. 

Finally, the bottles are delivered to our warehouse... but the testing does not stop there. Randomly selected bottles are sent to third party research clinics where they are re-tested to ensure quality further. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about our how QOL supplements are made! 

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